Stephen Hawking smoked weed

Discussion in 'General' started by Mogwai, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Apparently that's how he developed his condition. I've been learning alot from and I've gotta say I've learned some stuff.

    Sometimes it's nice to hear both sides since there's no denying GC can be a lil biased
  2. "See this right here? This is a saying from some man who sung satanic music named BOB MARLEY! Supposedly this man injected so much DEVIL'S LETTUCE that he died! AT HIS DEATH SCENE HE WAS FOUND WITH 2 NEEDLES EMPTY FROM HIM INJECTING MARIJUANA. DO NOT FOLLOW A BAD INFLUENCE LIKE HIM! STOP SMOKING THE DEVIL'S LETTUCE!!!"

    Somebody is trolling, hard.
  3. Is this cindybin? :p
  4. I was on that page the other day. You can't believe if i could snort or inject i would;)
  5. Yea one time i took like 7 pots and OD'd

    I woke up a weeks later from a coma
  6. Ya this one is a little too much.
  7. I can't believe you smoked all the pots. What the fuck, man!
  8. One time I smoked like two marijuana I was so under under the influence that night
  9. so sad wen pepell smoke the maryhwanuh and di... my cusin did... he ded now
  10. That page is such an obvious troll that the people commenting saying "bullshit" are even more foolish than the troll itself.
  11. Falling for this should be the standard for mental retardation.


  12. They're taking a page out of the crazy religious nuts who put impose images of god and jesus in the smoke of horrific accidents.

    Not sure what they're even trying to say with those pics, like "GOD DID THIS, HE'S TO BLAME"? or why they want to capitalize on tragedy to push their agenda onto people.
  13. "I heard the ball that suppoused to be dropping this new years is made out of crystal weed!! I know what I'll be boycotting next"

    wtf is this lady talking about
  14. that'd be funny if he ever did.

    Hearing "Duuuuuuuudeeee" in that computer voice of his...HA

  15. It's an offensive humor joke page.
  16. Dude your so lucky man because I knew a girl who took 4 whole marijuanas and she straight up died.
  17. He probably drops the blunt all the time. He can't even move his body . I can imagine everyone yelling "party fowl" each time
  18. So I shouldn't smoke weed because I might become arguably the most intelligent person on the planet? :p

  19. and be the oldest living person with ALS, outliving his diagnosis by a half a century.

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