Stephen Colbert stays in character at congressional hearing

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - Colbert stays in character at congressional hearing[/ame]
  2. it's sad that my tax dollars paid for this.
    what did it accomplish anyway?
  3. I was kind of hoping he would be more serious about this...

  4. What do you want him to be serious about? His whole shtick is that people against ILLEGAL immigration are racists. The staple of all left wing, substance-less arguments.
  5. I like Colbert a lot, but this really showed a lack of maturity and respect. I mean, you base your career off the rediculousness of our government, and when you have a chance to contribute, you make it into a joke.
  6. Should have expected nothing less than what you would find watching his show.
  7. What exactly do you think that your tax dollars paid for? The five minutes worth of salary for the congressmen? Somehow I think that the deficit can take the hit.

    I have to admit to a certain wish that he would have been more serious but Stephen Colbert has a history of staying in character for interviews and on his show the night before he implied as much anyway.

    He lent his celebrity to draw attention to the issue (or at least to the hearing) and when you invite a comedian or other celebrity to a congressional hearing that is precisely why you do it. Those that would have otherwise not even known such a hearing was taking place are now aware.
  8. Was this a stunt to attract Colbert viewers to voting Democrat or something? :confused:
  9. You think his show is about the ridiculousness of the government? Yeah, maybe when Republicans control it. Otherwise, the whole premise of his show is how stupid opponents of Democrat/Obama policies are. The guy is a total shill for the government.

    I think it was to take attention of this much more important testimony, given the same day:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Christopher Coates Testifies[/ame]

    However, I think you're still right. It was just another stunt to show how hip Democrats are. Too bad for them, it backfired.
  10. What issue and whats his stance on it?

    Also notice how these guys are "just comedians" when they're shilling for Democrats, but serious pundits on the issues when its convenient. :rolleyes:
  11. Actually his whole show is about the ridiculousness of personalities like Hannity and O'Reilly.
  12. Exactly (although I'd say it extends to anyone who shares those views). Its a partisan vehicle for attacks on the opponents of Democrats.

  13. The issue was immigration and migrant farm workers. How was that unclear? As for his stance on it... who knows? Clearly he feels that attention needs to be drawn to the issue. What should be done about it and how it can be addressed is for the politicians to figure out.

    Umm....nope. As I said before, Stephen Colbert has a long history of not breaking character for the cameras. In fact, his brief breaking of character to answer a question seriously was so interesting because it was so rare... Stephen Colbert Broke Character | Colbert In Congress | Mediaite

    Not sure exactly where you got the impression that he is a "serious pundit" though.
  14. You mean illegal immigrant farm workers? Why did we need Colbert to "bring attention" to the issue? Its already a huge issue. No, what Colbert did was make opponents of ILLEGAL immigration look like idiotic racists. Which is what the left typically does on just about every issue.
  15. Not all migrant workers are illegal...although, yes many of them are. Yes, it is already a huge issue. It is very rarely humanized however and the fact that there was a congressional hearing about such matters also is good thing to have attention drawn to.

    Again you make claims that Colbert portrayed people that are against illegal immigration as racist....where the hell are you getting this? He mentioned nothing about race that I could see. Perhaps you are just a bit sensitive on that point and are allowing it to color your judgement?

  16. Did you not watch the testimony? He played it off like people against illegal immigration, "don't want a tomato picked by a Mexican". Its the typical leftist line that if you're against illegal immigration, you must have Mexicans because you're a racist.

    So, because he worked one day in the fields hes suddenly an authority? He can make sweeping judgments about Americans based on his one experience?
  17. He's a satirist representing the opposing side, ie Republicans.

    "But this is America, I don't want a tomato picked by a Mexican."

    "Because my great grandfather did not travel across four thousand miles of the Atlantic Ocean to see this country overrun by immigrants."

    He also only refers to it as "immigrant labor" and not "illegal immigrant labor".
  18. #18 goodgirl, Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 27, 2010 are really stretching here aren't you? He made jokes about his "vast experience" and apparently I am not seeing the "sweeping judgements" that he made about Americans.

    I was incorrect however in stating that he never broke character during his opening statements but after rewatching it (yet again) I see that he did offer a bit of serious points in between the jokes. I am as guilty as the majority of people that I have seen comment on this (not just here) of being more interested in his jokes and missing other parts (whether to trash him or support him both sides seem to have missed it)...

    I do wish that he had toned down the jokes just a touch so that more of us could have noticed the serious points but then again if I hadn't seen this issue discussed so much I never would have probably noticed it at all.

    He is poking fun at talking points of th opposition and quite frankly I think he did it well. Of course if you are the "opposition" then the chances of seeing the humor in it are greatly diminished.

    Okay, now there you lost me.
  19. Yall should watch this. I think he did a pretty good job @ telling Colbert to shut his ass up :hello:

    [ame=]YouTube - Rep. Steve King Schools Colbert and Democrats on American Workers[/ame]
  20. Uhh, yea that's what we're saying. By "poking fun" he's reducing the arguments of anti-illegal immigration people to nothing more than racism.

    It's only funny if you think people who oppose illegal immigration are racists.

    There's a difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration. He's making it seem as though people are opposed to immigration by opting not to differentiate.

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