stepbro thinks i took weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by motorkylexy, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Heyy guys, i have an asshole of a stepbro that thinks i took his weed. i explained to him that i was at work from 6am to 1 and he still doesnt belive me ! what should i do?
  2. Dude we all know you took his weed, you arn't kiddin anyone hahahah :smoke:
  3. Find where he lost it, then actually take it so you can at least do what you were accused of.

    Free + revenge high = Content
  4. [quote name='"SotalyTober"']Dude we all know you took his weed, you arn't kiddin anyone hahahah :smoke:[/quote]

    Ahahaha that's what I thought, coming into this thread..buuuut he said he worked :confused:
  5. Prove you didnt, and when he finds out you didnt, hold him responsible to smoke you out for falsely accusing you
  6. hes 26 and im 18 apparently he left bud on the patio outside overnight and in the morn it was gone, about a joints worth

  7. He's an idiot, the wind probably got to it. + Or parents?
  8. [quote name='"MikeyN"']
    4. drop his ass

    Can't say that :eek:. Promoting violence bud.
  9. .....really? You're probably that person that goes around trying to citizen arrest everyone.


    look at the second post hot shot

  10. Look at the second post and your other post now 'hot shot' :p

    Violence doesn't fly here.

    When another member informs you of something regarding the rules, they're doing you a favor. You should probably read the rules that you agreed to when you joined the City, or you won't be a member here for very long. ;)
  11. he is probably too high.

    i smoked a half ounce in 10 days somehow when it usually lasts 3 weeks almost. i am just enjoying the summer though i think lol, and i gave like 2 gs to my brother, smoked a g with my dad... but i been smoking hard. it was my birthday though...

    and usually when i feel like my weed is going too quick im just real high, and paranoid its looking light. he probably just doesnt even realize...
  12. If you really didnt take it why stress? He's 26 and needs to act like an adult
  13. Sorry OP, this thread isn't going anywhere good.
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