Step up and get served

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  1. If you think I don't deserve the title I hold, come and take it....

  2. That's what I thought.....
  3. this dude's desperate to prove his rap-worth on forums
    cause in real life all his spit's got that hurts is boredom
    and if his opponents fall they're only fallin asleep
    and just their fuckin snores have the crowd callin him beat

    ballin.. seriously, what's your deal dude

    you're like Kanye... you got talent but you make everybody hate you so much your talent doesn't mean shit
  4. first of all, i aint no fucken internet rapper
    but heres some funky rhymes through my network adaptor
    your shits mad weak, dont even get me started
    even if you win, you're still fucken retarded
  5. dude, i was feeling it up until network adaptor, then you went down hill.
  6. yo pussy, ya be comin up on gc
    like ya got suttin to say to my boys and me
    but when it comes to spit it
    ya cant be diggin it
    cause you aint nothing but a pus
    polluting up gc
  7. kid thinks he nas already
    time to hit him
    with the steady, ass rhyme
    this time its a white kid
    from flintown reppin it
    not the dayton fam
    but i still blaze they shit
    if you wanna loose the
    title, its time to sit
    listen to me bitch, im
    new in town, n i will
    get u snitch

    i need to stop acting like i can do this. but i love fucking with you guys
  8. I'll rip you up through my sick ass rhymes
    you so broke you can't even afford a dime
    i'll squeeze you like the lime in a corona
    I just took your title now, UH!

  9. I made a challenge and asked for someone to step up. I didn't say I wanted a bunch of shitty 4 line verses polluting my thread.

    If for some odd reason you don't think I don't deserve my title as best this site has, than come take it. The first person who posts and states that they want it will battle me in a different thread.

    Caution: You'll get ruined.
  10. oh i didnt know this thread was for champions..

    for sucking dick. take your "title" and battle yourself in the mirror again
  11. Who are you?

    Be glad I'm even recognizing your post at all....Because In reality, I couldn't possibly care less about your opinion. There are people that I actually respond to on this forum, and besides telling it to you like it is in this post, you aren't one of them.
  12. bro I am waiting for you. I murked you and stole your title right out from under you. I am the new GC Rap Battle Champion.
  13. dude i'm down to go verse for verse with you... but i don't really care about taking your title.

    i just want a challenge. which you embody well.
  14. Aiite dude. That's what I was waiting for. Someone to respectfully step up and battle.

    I'll set it up in a little bit. You want to go one verse each? or just cypher back and forth and have people judge it afterword?
  15. yeah let's do a verse each... i may or may not be able to drop mine tonight but definitely tomorrow afternoon.

    i'm standing by for possible pussy tonight. hahah
  16. lol pussy always comes first.

    we'll do it tomorrow
  17. sorry i dont bow down to your almightyness. im so fucking grateful you even recognized me.

    get over yourself honestly, if your such a prodigy than how come i dont own your cd? oh its because your not shit, just sitting behind a screen pretending to be something your not.
  18. you're a fag, nuf said
  19. You just don't get it, do you?
  20. elighten me some more... fucking douche

    actually to make it interesting.. how about you rap it.

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