Step dad taking things from my room

Discussion in 'General' started by 420ape, May 11, 2010.

  1. My step dad is hated by the majority of the people that know him.

    plain and simple - he is a cock.

    Anyway I had a bag of weed in my room and i lost it on 420. I have my suspision i put it inside a game or dvd box but still am unsure as im yet to find it.

    He threatens to call the police to raid my room etc if he finds anything and he has taken my dumbells, my dvds, shit like that for no reason.

    I think the box that was taken had the pot inside and a few spare rubbers and shit.

    I'm getting paranoid to shit about this and pissed at the fact he goes into my room when im at college and looks through EVERYTHING i own. I have NO privacy at all now.

    But the thing that pisses me off more is he doesn't speak to me ever and doesn't tell me why he's taken them and also he doesn't even watch the show he took.

    I think he's just taking things to piss me off and I can't work out with my weights because he's hidden them in his car or w/e, watch the dvds or 360 games.

    This is shit.
  2. Confront him about his suspected behavior and then pack up your shit and move somewhere away from his child-like antics?
  3. Move out.

    So long as you live under his roof he can do whatever he wants. You have no "right to privacy" or any such thing unless you're paying part of the bills.

    If the rules are no weed and no paraphernalia in the house, then keep it out the fucking house. It isn't rocket science.
  4. find a time when hes away to go through his shit, find somthing u think he would mind if someone takes it...then take it....then if he asks u for it back...ask him for ur weed rubbers and dumbells?

    idk. hiding places have never been a problem for me, i rock at that game
  5. Buy a lock if you dont wanna move out.
    If he breaks it buy a new door.

    I mean eventually you might have to scan your own eyeball to get into your room but, hey atleast that fucker wont take your stuff?
  6. i mean he's a complete control freak and used to hit my sister me and my brother as kids. thats the kind of man he is. And he has b.o.

  7. All the more reason for you to move out, then.
  8. Get a pistol and tell you you'll shoot him in the ass if he touches your shit again.
  9. go into his room and replaces all his alchol, cigerates, twinkies, anything that kinda turns into a habbit if he has any, and replace it with the axe effect
  10. hahaha damn, I know this is a serious thread but the "And he has b.o." was funny.

    Move out or kick his ass and get thrown in jail.
  11. Heard that on the control freak part. I know a few "step-parents" like that shit

    And something shoulda been done A LONG time ago about abuse
  12. I fucking hate step-parents. I don't have one and I know it's naive to say so. But if any fucker was 'with' my mum I'd just insta-hate them.
  13. Im so glad I dont have to deal with step dads....I couldn't accept them as my dad, and thus would fight him like I would anyone else for going through my shit.
  14. OK, this is where it went over the line for me.

    Where exactly is your Mom with all this? Any chance you could talk to her reasonably about some level of privacy? Yeah, it's their house, but shit, you deserve SOME privacy, unless you've done something to risk them trusting you at all.
  15. yeah sucks well i have nowhere to go if i moved out. my step mum has depression at my dads so thats out of the picture. i gotta find a friend nd get an appartment or something. And he's not comming. Ever. As soon as he steps into my property il fuck him up
  16. I feel bad for all you poor guys stuck at your parents house with not shit you can do....grow some bud for money to get your own place. Thats what my home boy did.

  17. My mums and i have a solidarity against him kind of. She will be on my side but when he loses his rag with her like last summer i beat the crap into nearly. A knife went missing that night and my mum and i looked everywhere for it in the kitchen etc and she got really scared he was gonna do something stupid but kept telling me not to call the cops.

    But i did when my brother came home late and they never searched the house or anything.

    The knife was found in the bin the next day... what an amature ass hole fucker shit bag
  18. i started doing really intense physical labour at age 17 - thats how i solved that problem with the rents.

    get really really angry and start to act as if you have an anger condition lol scare the fuck out of him and tell him how you feel. its the only way to prove to him that your a man -:eek:

  19. that idea is awesome!! i should smoke some green goblin weed that gets me buzzed and invincible and ready to fight any fucker

  20. thats so true too. unless hes not paying the bills and you are contributing some.

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