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  1. I don't know if my last post is up because I can't find it so here it is. I have a drug test coming up I'm going to use a friend's urine what I cannot find if the exact steps to take people say just make sure it's at the right temperature by blah blah I put it in a condom can anybody tell me the exact steps to take when should I get the sample for my friend and I'll be okay like how close if I get from him within 2 hours of the test will I be okay what kind of a container do I put it in do I put it in a condom how do you strap it to your body do you need to strap it to your body if anybody can give me the step by step instructions exactly how they've done it and how it's worked how you can conceal it like I said what containers how you dump it into the cup when you're in the bathroom and anything to avoid excetera excetera I know it needs to be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit so after my friend pees how long will it stay within that temperature any help anybody can give me hugely appreciate it.
  2. That's disgusting. How about just quit smoking for a few weeks. Drink lots of water and get exercise. But don't drink much water before the test or it will be diluted and you'll have to retake it, if they let you. Good luck.
  3. Put hand on friends penis. Then point it towards cup.
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  4. Get it off him the morning you have test if possible...what I used to do is put it in a urine bottle put in in the kettle to heat it up be bout 30mis before I go then put under my nuts to keep warm. then if it need to be heated up again ud have to run it under a hot tap the ficiitly...or you could just go too head shop n get the powder version with the heattester of luck dude..peace
  5. Dude come on just get some quick fix plus for around 20 bucks. If you can't afford this well just stop smoking. Here are step by steps for that, needed items
    1 package quick fix plus includes hand warmer,rubber band and temp strip.
    1 pair of regular ole white tighties or boxer briefs(they have a pocket to stash the boopttttttle of pee in)
    And I safety pin for added assurance the bottle wont fall out.
    Boom passed pee test.
  6. What's quick fix plus I'm sorry I've never heard of that
  7. It's fake pee bro man.
  8. Dude f*** collecting piss from your friends the last time I did that my homie handed me back the bottle and his piss was dark brown and stomach through the bottle and I actually had to give it to the hot nurse feeling ashamed LOL

    Most Smoke Shop sell synthetic urine as in my town I am number one supplier you never know when you will need to pass a drug test.

    It seems hard keeping the temperature on point but what I do is take the small squirt bottle and get a tiny thermos and put a pan of water up until it's about a hundred and twenty-five ticket in a bag and in the thermos and right when you are walking into the office or wherever take it out and wrap it in a heat pack if you can take the test Within 12 minutes upon walking in the temperature will just drop to about a hundred and once you pour it in the cup it cools down an extra point or two perfectly to fool the test

    I've literally use the same to brands a fake urine for any drug test I've had to take in the past 10-plus years I have never had an issue with it nor any of my clients, some of the brands cut corners but the one I use they put creatine and vitamins in case they screen to see if the urine is real union workers law enforcement even a specialized test to detect exact levels in your system have all been fooled
  9. I found out a job I was offered did drug tests 3 weeks before I was going to be tested.

    I tried to quit smoking for the 3 weeks and completed a home drug test but still had thc in my system.

    I bought a 100ml bottle and a temp strip from a local chemist. On the morning of the test, I had my sisters bf who was the only person I knew to be clean that would do it, to pee in the bottle. I then added the temp strip to the side. I wore two pairs of boxers (one tight) and rested the bottle under my Gooch with a foot warmer pack.

    When you complete the test, the dude came into the bathroom with me. I flushed the toilet as I poured the piss into the testing cup because I had practiced before and the bubbles made a lot of noise as it was a small opening.

    When I came back out, I handed it to him and had the results within 5 minutes. It has to be between 92f and 104f in order for you to pass otherwise they know you've probably cheated.

    I passed and I felt so much pride and accomplishment for beating a huge problem in my life. I was getting a job. I conjured an elaborate plan in my head, did the research, and pulled it off. It was a good day.

    Don't care how weird it was.

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  10. Protip: keep urine in your mouth to keep it warm.
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