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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jessisbaked, May 22, 2010.

  1. So, I have a whole bag of stems and I just don't know what to do with them. I don't want to throw them out because I can see the THC crystals on them!!
    Stupid question: Would it do anything if i crushed them up a bunch and smoked them?

    Yes, I am that desperate. I can NEVER find weed anymore! I have money, just no connects!
    How extraordinarily frustrating.. Also, I quite literally just got laid off last night. I knew it was coming but I thought I had until November... but last night they call us for a mandatory meeting and he tells us we're closing the doors for good. NO notice. Nothing.
    So I just really would like to get high. I wanted to last night but no luck finding anything, of course. :(

    Anyway, yeah? maybe? will it even work? Or will I just get a headache?

    Is there even anything I can do with them?

    Ugh. I live in Concord, NH anyone wanna get me a bag? haha :p kidding... kind of.
  2. scrape the crystals off the stems and smoke them if you have enough.:smoke:
  3. Edibles or Qwiso
  4. Hmmm Qwiso is a bit of a process though, but it is a good idea! :D
    I've never heard about it til now, I went and looked it up... kind of weird but gets ya high right?
    I live with my mom so I can never really make anything cool... she's pretty much against me smoking pot.. fun sucker.
  5. Edibles if you want to get high within the next few hours, qwiso if you don't mind waiting a day and a half to smoke some good hash
  6. Not able to do edibles... :( my mom is against it all so she'd flip... ugh. I'd have to go to a friends house, and if I could do that I would be smoking anyway so I wouldn't have the whole sober problem haha
  7. Well then your best bet is definately qwiso, theres a good sticky in the harvesting and processing section i believe that will guide you through making it. Only thing is if you do it, make sure u have the window open in your room cause it will reak of iso alcohol for a few hours.
  8. Got a grinder with pollen catcher? Shake them up in the grinder FTW!
  9. I do :D and I already have a teeeeensy bit of keif in there!

    I think I'm def. going to do the qwiso thing!! Thanks all :) haven't even heard of that until now.

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