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Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. So, im sitting here, with no weed, very sad. :(

    But, I whipped out my 'garbage stash tin' (Tin I keep all stems, ash, stems, etc etc.)

    So I decided, why not smoke some resin hits, and take some ash I got that is still somewhat brown or green.

    So, I started blazin, and said, hmmm...stems. I got alot of stmes here, so will these work to get me nice and high? I never smoked just stems. :|

  2. brew the stems....if there's enough...and make a tea....haha
  3. ya--just take a couple resin hits, then scrape the smoking tool and smoke whatever you get from doing that, and then brew the stems (like a tea)--drink that, and ya take the "Ash" you have left over and just seperate any hard chucks you can find--thats what my friend did when he was hella desprete for some thc. :p

  4. yeah man........smoke a fat blunt of stems..........keep some advil ready though..........psht.......stems........lmao........
  5. Stems are gnarly and will often give you headaches, but if you grind that shit up well and bong hit it you can get pretty well high and not tell how harsh it is. Still not choice, hahaha, I like too mix it with resin sometimes to give the resin some body so it doesn't fall through, or something, hahaha.
  6. ewwww.....dont do it just get what ya can and stop.....
  7. vodka + STEMS = badass HIGH
  8. i just took the shit load of stems i had and tossed then into this half 5th of vodka :D saving it for another 2 weeks or so.
  9. does that really work? hmmmmm

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