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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blaze99, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. All I got is stems left and I was wondering if i roll it up would i get high
  2. You will not.
  3. Lol no don't do that. Only thing to do really Is to stop smoking mids.

    No mids= no stems :)
  4. maybe, but it's gonna taste gross.
  5. save em up and make oil with em for edibles! don't waste your time smoking them it won't really do shit for you

  6. you're telling me you get dank weed with NO stems

  7. Its true :cool:

  8. I've never once bought a sack with no stems.

    Sometimes the majority of the stems will be so small that I can really just break them up and throw them in without noticing..

    but they're always there... :eek:
  9. [quote name='"blaze99"']All I got is stems left and I was wondering if i roll it up would i get high[/quote]

    you'll get a bad hedache, nothing more. not worth your time or effort.
  10. This thread is pointing you in the right direction. Assuming your weed was super frosty you might get the slightest buzz you've ever had. Followed by a shitty headache. I wouldn't smoke them.
  11. Here's a nug I just picked up... it's got a big stem in there.

    Or would this be considered mids? I don't live in a medical state, so I personally can't compare to that quality.

    As for what to do with stems... I just toss them.

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  12. Save them, they come in handy.

    put them in the freezer with your grinder, then take them both out and put the stems in your grinder chamber with the keif screen and shake for 15 minutes. Should have a nice amount of keif in the catch. This is assuming you have at least a few grams of stems on hand.

    You could also make a batch of iso with it.

  13. looks dank to me
  14. If you leave your stems by a window or something on a plate or towel or something for a few days, you can take them, crush them up and then put them in a bowl or joint.
  15. I would smoke it but instead of inhaling, keep it in your mouth and practice smoke tricks.
    But idk saving it for kief or making oil like some of these other guys say would probably be more useful.

  16. I get dank bud and i always have once central stem on the large nug. Its not stemmy but it just has one small one poking out. Then again i dont get dispensary bud so maybe thats why were different
  17. If you have a grinder with a screen break up the stems so they fit an throw a quarter in there an shake for a few min. Smoke the kief that falls off!
  18. No but you can put it in the center of a coffee filter and tie it up and make weed tea (if you have enough stems). If you don't you can just make a cupful of tea if you have enough to roll with it then you should be good
  19. Don't waste your time and health smoking stems. They won't get you high if you smoke them, and if you think they do then it's probably just from lack of oxygen/placebo high.

    I only use stems when I'm taking snaps out of my bong. Break off a little piece and stick it on the bottom of the bowl, so it's like a screen. Other than that they're pretty much trash.
  20. Why not just make some tea/ hot chocolate with them? Then strain them out. Depending on how much you have you might have a nice time :smoking:.

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