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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by oncloudnine, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. :wave:
    I was gonna put this in the apprentice smokers section, but since I saw this I figured I'd post in here for anyone else who needs to know. Is there anything to do with stems except throw them away? Everytime I pick them out and throw them away I feel like I'm being wasteful.
  2. you can make tea, get the keif, or cook with them. or you can eat them ;)
  3. Eat? How so? And why
  4. Look online about green dragon. Put it in a spirit for 6 or so months and drink at christmas or something
  5. Save them to make hash or edibles.
  6. There's many things you can do, I like to put them in my kief box and shake the Kief off, and then use the stems for some edibles.
  7. I save them and smoke em if I'm dry :p
  8. Why are they ok for eating and not for smoking?
    Surely if it works as an edible then it works for smoking?
  9. I personally detest the taste and the headache. I tried getting the kief once and yeah I got a buzz but the headache made it a horrible experience. Just eat it with a recipe
  10. Alot of people have said that but I've never got headaches from it.
  11. I just eat the stems ;)
  12. I have a separate jar for my stems,building up the collection for some qwiso
  13. I put my ABV and stems in a container, probably gonna make green dragon or cannabutter.
  14. #15 Décalice, Mar 20, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2012
    They are ok for smoking.. You just want to grind em before because it makes a little powder instead of a bunch of stems packing your bowl and will also be easier to light up. I get 2 oz a month and save the stems for when I am out of nugs. The taste will most likely be like shit and the hit won't be as smooth as when you smoke the real stuff, but at least you'll get your high of these when you are dry. If you have a vaporizer, vape them it will be way more efficient and also less "woody".

    Personnaly I would not eat them, most weed strains taste bad when you eat them raw so I don't see how stems would be any better, I mean chewing on some wood, I have toothpick for this. But I would use them for edibles, a lot of people use stems or trims to make their edibles or making their concentrate(lower quality) that way they don't waste the nugs.

    Have fun with them stems :smoke:
  15. I grind my stems to get some kief off them. Sometimes I vape them, they have an interesting taste. Made some qwiso with abv a couple weeks ago and threw in the stems, shit was pretty potent.
  16. I don't have a problem with throwing the stems out, I definitely wouldn't eat them though. Extra money for a better high isn't really a problem for me, but to each his own :)
  17. I used to try and do stuff with my stems but they barely get me high or produce much Kief so I just throw them out now. Maybe I should try my hand at green dragon one of these days.
  18. I can't smoke stems. They taste awful and give me a massive headache. I would just get the keif from them. I like to put kief in my compressor :p
  19. Collect them for hash making (qwiso)
    Shake them out for the kief
    Use them in an edible recipe (gonna need a fuckload)

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