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Stems turning purple?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by stbernard808, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Friend says his stems are turning purple.
    are they dying?
  2. No! thats just the strain... its perfectly fine.
  3. Not entirly true, it can also be because of stress. If you have ever had a plant that you abused or just ignored you would notice that they go fully purple down the stalk......that does not mean it is a purple strain....it means its stressed. pics would be good!
  4. yeah one of my friends girls he HOPEs:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: has some purple on her stem and on a couple of brances. one of my other friends said it is stress from cold. it was about 38 40 degress a couple of nights ago. could that turn some of the plants stems and branches purple even though it was not freezing 32 degrees
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  6. qui?

    as for the subject of the thread, stems and leaves can turn purple or have a purple hue on leaves when they are grown in colder climates or are subjected to cloder temperatures
  7. i know in other garden herbs purple stems are a sign of potassium deficiency, i assume this could also apply marijuana
  8. it could be because of many different things including strain of plant. pics would be nice.
    right now im grow some skunk plants that has purple branches
  9. I grow many many strains, non purple and i have noticed EVERY Good Strong Strain such as Bob Marley, PPP (Pure Power Plant, not Purple Power Plant), White Pearl, Skunk, ect ect ect.

    All have purple stems, and no its not from stress at all, as the plant ages it will turn purple... just about every strain thats high quality and strong growing.

    PS im only talking the stem from the fanleaves not the main stem or branches.
  10. are you guys talking about the whole stem, (from tunk to leaf) being red or the actual trunk..... one of my plants the larger leaves have a red stripe sunning down the center of the stem ro the leafe where and all the "fingers" meet,

    but only on mature leaves.... i think mine is a case of strain.. has anyone noticed this being related to potency?.. just an idea
  11. What is the difference between the stem and the trunk??

    Like a lot of newbie posts this one is totally confused in its nomenclature.
  12. I give up.......DierWolf is talking about only the stem that comes off the main "trunk to the fingers on the fan leaf......yes it is normal for that to happen but when WHole BRANCHS and the TRUNK go red IT IS BADDDDDDDD..........trust me dude.....this early in the season if branches or trunks go red.....itsss bad!!!!!!!!! later on in the season when we get cold nights its fine.....but rite now red trunks and branchs are BADDDD!!!!
  13. ok.. id call the stem the part that goes from the leaf to a branch,,,.... lol ha likw the part that you take off if you take any yellow leaves off.
  14. I was once in a planting class in HS and all our tomatos we were going to sell turned purple (chronikkk!!! hehe). Teacher said because the soil was too acidic, so we transplanted them into better soil and they turned green again.

    Might want to check the acidity of your soil.
  15. wow....no one said anything about anything turning red
    this post is very confusing and half the posts r retarded no offence

    oh look blacklight said they turned red too
    wow this is dumb
  16. My trainwreck plants get purple around its leaves and on the stem, but it is because of how cold it gets at night. looks really pretty though
  17. here i am going to go take a picture now of my purple on the plant. i know it is bad but how bad are we talking about here. like no buds or hermie. what are the consquences for having a bad purple color on the plant.
  18. the second one with the purple leaf-stem is what the other direwolf was talking about i am talking about the first one with the purple stem see the branch in the bottom right and bottom left they are hardcore purple almost solid

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  19. Thank you 3to1k... no one said RED so i dont knw where that shit came in... Your plant is fine, its normal for potent strains to have Purple "LEAF STEMS" and these strains usually have also Purple lines running down the main "Trunk" of the plant.

    Nothing to worry about, yu have a good strain.
  20. hey i had 2 seeds from some purple nugs the rest of the 4 seeds wernt from purple nugs but i got all confused after i planted the seeds do you think this could be one of the seeds from the purple nugs. or is their now way to tell at ths point.

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