Stems Turing pinkish

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Steveo190, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. 8AAEAA03-021C-470C-9B69-C518F18E3669.png FCF63E6C-6859-4DDD-A0A3-CC551A7A9CB6.png 6B3AF528-3E60-4CF2-9EAC-74D62C7E22B7.png hi all so topped my plant on Thursday and today I have noticed the stems turning pinkish also the lower single pointer 2 leafs look like there dying any help
  2. Are you talking about the cotyledons? If so, that's normal....the purpling of the stems could either byle a genetic thing.....or a, I believe cal-mag issue.....but dont quote me on that one
  3. Th
    Thanks for the reply am sure the cotyledons already fell off couple weeks it’s the ones that come up after them that look like there dying ?
  4. I see something yellow in your pic...but cany really see you have pics of it?
  5. It’s usually normal, but yours are likely from a deficiency. Get you ph to 6.5 in and out.
  6. Nevermind.....I see the yellowing leaves now.....what is your PH of the water you give them? Do you give it nutes?
  7. Thanks I just started giving it canna coco today I have been using bottled water when feeding all started when it topped it. Was nice and green before hand

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  8. I use bottled water so should be 6.5 will need to get a tester
  9. Needs nutes. For sure a nitrogen deficiency going on.
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  10. Will cal mag solve this ? Sorry if it’s a dumb question
  11. mag is calcium and need nitrogen....among other things
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  12. You said you feed them canna coco. Was this the nutrient solution A and B? If so you should be ok, that has everything in it you need.
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  13. In coco feed them quarter strength nutes every day to run off mate. Ph 5.7 for veg. Someone said 6.5 there. That's for soil growers, we do use that ph for bloom but not veg.
    Do that and they'll be back on track in a few days :)
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  14. Seems to be doing better now

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