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  1. I started growing in my closet using a rigged up senctsy light, some good soil and Reggie seeds, they've already sprouted and some are really tall, but some are kinda short. I think I had the light to far away from the plants and some of the stems are to long and weak, and there's hardly and leaves, this is either the 4 or 5 day after sprouting, I keep the soil damp enough where it won't damage the roots, I moves the light closer to the plant to fix the weak stems and grow more leaves, will this fix it or is there any other things I should do to make my plant grow healthy?? My light says 70w on on so I'm not sure if that's good or not, and I've used toothpicks to give them some support, and one more question, I'm getting this light fuzzy white stuff on top of my soil, I keep wiping it off but I don't know what it is, any ideas?? I'm trying to upload pics from my phone but its not letting me, ill kept trying though
  2. That is a textbook case of "not enough light."

    White fuzzy stuff may or may not be some type of mold or fungus.
  3. Well by the pictures I posted she the light be good now since I put it closed to the plant??
  4. You have the wrong light first off and no where near enough. I'm assuming the white is mold because the soil looks saturated With water and that is a heat bulb which would warm the soil to help produce the mold.

    Research is key when starting man. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
  5. Well it's not just how low the light is, it's how much watts the light bulb is. Really I would invest in a bigger wattage light, like 150 - 250 watts, can be more, the bigger the better. My friend had the same problem growing inside, he didn't have enough light on them, that is the wrong kind of light bulb my friend and wouldn't even grow skunk weed with it.

    I love that saying, and you are exactly right.
  6. I did research but I had to use what I had, I plan on putting them outside with new soil once they get stable, would a 125w be good cause that's all I have right now? And is there anyway I can fix what's messed up? I'm really wanting this to grow
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    No you're going to need CFL bulbs first of all not incandescent heat bulbs, then you need at least 6-8 of the 6500K color 23-30watt bulbs(100-120watt equivalents) for veg stage and then 6-8 2700K bulbs for flowering.

    Not trying to be an ass but you didn't research much if you thought that bulb would work for growing, it's a heat bulb for scented oils and waxes and if you expected one bulb to veg multiple plants. You shouldn't have started until you had everything you needed in your possession. That soil is no good as well especially if you are getting mold, go buy a bag of fox farms ocean forest and a bag of perlite then make a 4 parts ocean forest mix to 1 part extra perlite and you will have proper drainage. Also if you didn't poke holes in the bottom of that container for drainage you need to do that. You would be much better off with separate pots though that won't support those plants fully grown and unless you transplant them young the roots will end up entangling.

    I would just toss everything you have out go back to the books and then try again after you gather the proper materials. You don't want to be struggling with problems from poor planning while you are in a learning phase of you're first grow. If you do get those plants to survive you're going to have problems their whole life because they have been exposed to mold and are stretching really bad.
  8. Alright thanks, what local store could I buy those lights at?
  9. Nevermind I found some in my house, how could I hook them up in my closet?? Could I buy light outlets or something like that
  10. You could get the work lights that just are a simple light socket with a reflector and an arm that has a clip so you can clip it to your area then you can get a splitter so you can put two bulbs into the one socket. The light fixtures with clips are like $5 each at home depot an the splitters are $2 each. I would use at least 6 bulbs so 3 fixtures and 3 splitters should be good for you and then later on when the plants are bigger add a couple bulbs next to the plants because the cfl's don't penetrate well. Look into LST because you will want to do that to your plants to help keep them shorter so they can get light to every leaf.
  11. Ok thanks, so is there any hope for the sprouts I have right now or should I restart?
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    You can try to save them. I would get the cfl's over them and go on a 20 hours on/4 hours off schedule and get some sort of mold killer that's safe for plants and if they start looking better wait untill they get a couple sets of leaves then carefully transplant into individual pots with better soil. If you do save them they will grow a little funny because the one I had mess up and stretch has some deformed leaves and strange branch patterns so I think it's going to end up going hermie.
  13. Thanks ill update if anything happens

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