Stems snapping but buds not crispy?

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    I’m trying to figure out what the move is here. I hung my plants for like 5 days and then cut them into smaller pieces while the stems were still bendy and put them in tubs to slow the dry since my basement was around 45 RH and drying them a little too fast. At this point it’s been a total of 10 or 11 days and the stems in the bin are snapping.. like in half but the buds are not crispy at all and the the RH is reading around 68. Which I can’t really trust since we just had 2 days of rain and the humidity is really high right now. I’m trying grove bags this year. Should I snip the buds off the stems and move to grove bags? Or should I let them stay in the bins longer even though the stems are snapping?

    edit** 10 or 11 days since chop, 5 or 6 days since placed in bins

    Edit 2** I am assuming that it’ll be ok to start curing before they’re all trimmed? I underestimated how big my plants would get and can’t possibly finish trimming all of them so I guess I won’t really have a choice either way.

  2. often the flowers are still 'damp' compared to the twigs that seem to dry extra fast,
    but the snap crackle and pop of the stems are just a general guideline!

    work on the flowers, once happy, to the grove bags you go, Id not worry about the Rh as you are in
    a basement that has its own climate

    looking good

    good luck

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