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  1. Alright, there is alot of talk about stems and seeds not having enough THC to really smoke. I'm pretty sure that there must be somone who can tell me what I edibles/drinks I can easily make. I know THC doesnt dissolve in water so dont say put it in a tea bag and boil it cause its just stupid. Yall are all really knowledgable here so please reply.

    I believe Ive seen a forum section around here called Cookbook but cant find it. So if this thread needs to be moved then thats all good with me. Im really high:smoking:
  2. 1. grind stems and seeds to dust
    2. put ice + flavored juice/water in bong
    3. enjoy :)
  3. Please dont be sarcastic, that doesnt sound like a good idea. But if it is so i will trust u loserkid. Can you explain to me how that will work? Theres like .1% thc I heard in seeds, and very little in stems. So why would I put my lung threw all those bad chemicals? I dont like to be tricked. :(
  4. lol i was kidding about the seeds...i personally smoke ground up stems though. mix it with resin. gets me high when i aint got no weed.
  5. You actually do that? Disgusting.
  6. If the stems have trichromes then grind it up and smoke them but dont touch the seeds, thats nasty
  7. There are a number of things you can do with stems (seeds are for planting). I run mine through a blender and make canna-oil from them. Canna-oil is versatile and can be used in many recipes.

    You can also blenderize the stems until you have green dust and 1/2 inch sticks. Then sift out the sticks and use the powder in a recipe, like brownies.

    A third option is to stick the stems in vodka (higher proof is best) and let it sit a couple weeks in a dark place. Then either drink it as is, or evaporate for oil. The oil can be painted on a joint, or mixed in with more grass- we used to do this way back in the 70s .

    Seeds should be planted- even if you never come back for the plants. :D

    Granny :wave:
  8. Mid grade weed only has 3-10% THC man.

    Chronic and other Exotics may push it to 23%, but 23 is the highest known.

    Stems do contain THC, I personally make Stem Tea, not the best way to utilize the Stems, but its aight.

    Storm Crow has a great Idea on what to do with your stems, infact, I will give 'er a try soon.

    Never smoke, or consume your seeds man, not only is it like smoking nail polish, but I get pounding headaches on a seed, so fuck that.

    Otherwise, plant your seeds, make butter from the stems, and have sex with cheap prostitutes.
  9. I'm probably the only person who saves their stems for times when I can't find weed. I smoke that shit up, and it gets me fucking high.. Yeah it's gross I know. But I pop a ibuprofen to take care of the possible headache, and a glass of unsweetened tea to neutralize the shitty taste. :bolt:
  10. that's farther than i think i'd go personally. I've always been a straight resin toker when i'm outta bud
  11. 23% of what? look around on youtube regarding thc percentages and find out they're all a bunch of bullshit
  12. Youtube man? Are you serious? Thats like saying just because a man named Jim said all turkeys are blue, they are all blue.

    Anyways, here isa actual studied quote on this

    "Skunk" cannabis is a potent strain of cannabis, grown through selective breeding and usually hydroponics, which is a cross-breed of Cannabis sativa and C. indica. Skunk cannabis potency ranges usually from 6% to 15% and rarely as high as 20%. The average THC level in coffee shops in the Netherlands is about 18–19%"

    Like I said, the highest reached thus far is 23%. Now back in the 60's Marijuana was way less potent, maybe in the 3% range.

    But because of cloning, cultivation, and resources, Marijuana has gotten more potent over the years.
  13. Ive done this
    And you can roast seeds and eat them. They are very nutritious:hello:
  14. 29% here. BBC NEWS | UK | England | Nottinghamshire | Man grew strongest ever cannabis

    can you say?

  15. i know. i just felt like being an asshole. my bad dude. :smoking:
  16. lol, you have made me proud :D

    Good read though man, that sucks they took his stash and his cars though.
  17. Alright, well everyone kinda got off topic but what I DID!!!

    I got a half ounce of stems and threw them in a magic bullet.
    After several seconds I stopped the chopping process and went for the Isopropyl Alcohol.
    I pour some amount of alcohol along with it and gave it a good 20 second AGRESSIVE shake.
    I poured into a cofee filter and onto a dish.
    Let the dish sit under a room heater and whala like 3 grams of keif/hash or somethin. its light green *cause of Chlorophil* but I got a hell of alot of it. And .2g's gets me crosseyed and i smoke everyday. Save your stems its worth it:D:smoking:
  18. Any other blades have experience with this?
  19. Well its just a Quick Iso Wash on the ground up stems.. Its not the cleanest keif but it works! Grind, pour alcohol, strain. Then evaporate and scrape up the leftovers! smoke it!:smoking:

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