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Stems in rum?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by temperamental69, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I've heard of Stems in Vodka (Green Dragon) But I've never heard of Stems in Rum... A friend of mine told me about this the other day as we were arguing over stems and their usefulness. I had a bottle of rum and a few stems saved up so I put them in a small glass with a bit of Rum in it... My question is, will this actually do anything? I know THC is alcohol soluble and not water soluble, etc... But I've never heard of Weed Stems in your rum..
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    Any higher proof alcohol will work.

    Edit - seeing the next post, he's right. As I said, any alcohol will work, but I doubt it'll work with a few stems. You got a couple oz's?
  3. wait about a year and maybe itll work
  4. ah so there basically is no use then in throwin a few stems in there, leavin it all day then mixing it up and drinkin it
  5. i think it takes a few weeks or like a month even and you need a lot of stems for that
  6. 80 proof and up, clear liqour works best. use grain alcohol and full buds if you want a real kick in the ass.
  7. Nope, not really. There is a way to do this though. Just get a bottle of hard liquor, and toss your stems in there until you have a bunch saved up in it. After a month or more, drink it and you'll get fucked up.
  8. i honestly dont think it's going to take a month to get the thc out of those stems. have you read hashmouf's hash thread? same concept. it should take ~a day
  9. Pretty much what you'd be doing is making tincture, which has quite a few threads dedicated to it on the city. I tried to find one that I read a while back that was really good in explaining how things are done, but by reading some of the threads like this one, you can see that a few stems won't do you much.

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