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Stems = headaches?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purpleganja420, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I have been smoking for three years and when i pack bowls with stems people tell me it gives you headaches.Is this true? and if its how would you get headaches from stems because i never got them when i blaze.
  2. Dunno, stems never gave me a headache...But they never gave me much else either so I quit bothering with them.:cool:
  3. I get severe headaches from stems. Not sure why. I once chewed on a stem for an hour and got a migraine.
  4. true. but i rather pack it then searching for stems
  5. how would you get a migraine from chewing on a stem?
  6. stems make the smoke a lot more harsh thats for sure go with out loading stems bro its the best way that would be like loading seeds why would you do it lol.
  7. i dont really see a difference with the quality of the smoke the bud i get is harsh allready makes everyone cough lol. or is it because i use a bong?

  8. a bong should make the hit smoother and cool the smoke so its not as harsh. And yeah don't smoke stems I've tried it and they taste horrible and you barely get any effect out of them
  9. I dont, i always get some stems and put them in the bong. They taste really sweet through the bong for some reason. I dont know if im getting high but i dont care. :smoke:
  10. they do taste sweet thats why i leave them in but if your smoking out of a non water piece you can taste the steams and well they aint that good
  11. Probably because its like smoking wood
  12. you can try this your self man load just a stem in a pipe like spoon and take a rip you will cough real hard the smoke from stems sucks nut for reals. and yeah a bong should actually make hits smoother probably just big rips making you cough too lol. but if you like the stems then by all mean keep smoking them lol just my opinion on them.
  13. Stems are best used for making hash or something.
  14. Is stem hash good? lol
  15. pure myth
  16. #16 mommaspice, Aug 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Maybe your bud isn't really so grate if you get into a caugh spasm.

  17. sour diesel is pretty potent and i put a little honey hash on top :rolleyes: thats why im coughing all the time xD

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