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Stems hash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RikoSuave, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. hi there. i got a garbage bag of stems from a buddy. I have ground these up in a blender to fit in to two large coffee containers. i used the ISO method to try 'n make hash with these stems. i used 99% ISO and a gold coffee strainer. I expected it to come out resiny but when it dried its just a light green powder? I haven't smoked any yet so I dont know if it'll actually have any effects. what was it i ended up extracting from these stems? is it a powder because of low resin in the stems? too much plant matter in it??
  2. If there is any powder at all then the coffee strainer wasn't fine enough and it let plant matter through. That being said at best you can make very low quality hash oil with stems. I toss mine on the composte heap.
  3. haha thanks for the re. I did a lot of research before try it (first time making hash). I kept reading that its pointeless and a waste of time to try n make hash with stems but I figured hey they were free and if I can get even just a couple grams of hash it'd be worth it! I used about a quarter of the ground up stems I have so I think i'm going to try again... maybe I'll have better luck if i use paper coffee filters?
  4. The only THC on stems is on the outside. Don't bother grinding them.

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