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Stems DO get you high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jizzledfreq, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Yesterday, craving something to smoke, I decided to smoke a few bowls of stems. I don't have any fresh green b/c I'm broke until I start college in August.
    This isn't something I do often, it tasted nasty as fuck, and I probably won't ever do it again.

    But 3 bowls of stems did in fact get me quite high, as much as a bowl of fresh green, and it lasted for a good amount.

    Now I know I'm going to take some heat for this, and there will be plenty of people saying, "No, it's not possible to get high off stems." but the truth is "Yes, without a doubt, you can get high off stems" you just have to smoke a few bowls of it.
  2. any one who argues you cant get high from stems has clearly never made hash oil from stems
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  3. i never understood why people said you couldn't get high from stems.
    you can, it's not enjoyable, but you can lol.
  4. Smoking stems is kinda stupid
    There are much better things to do with stems
  5. I've done the same as well and gotten high as hell. The smoke is REALLY harsh though, and you'd really be better off making a small amount of iso hash out of it instead of smoking.
  6. run your all your shake tru a screen like a kief box man.....
  7. haha my friend says he smokes everything in the bag minus the bag its self.

  8. Yeah, I would've tried to make QWISO, but it was only a small amount of stems so I was like, "Fuck it!" might as well smoke em.

    Yeah, shit literally tasted like some bad perfume in my mouth :laughing: actually gave me the shivers, the high was quite nice though, I just kept repeating to myself, "OMG I can't believe you can actually get high off these things."

  9. lol yes, this.

    Oh... I know stems can get you high, same as resin.

    It's just not enjoyable and something I'd do.

    Like some one else said, if all I had left was stems I'd do better stuff with them than just smoke them.
  10. Next time just extract the thc from the stems it's a lot better than lighting the stems up because they can cause headaches and taste like shit
  11. Yep, you can get high on stems! We hippies used to save them for "emergency stash". They taste harsh and kind of metalic to me, but I smoked them back then during the usual "summer drought" that occurred every year since we were dependent on outdoor grows.

    And as long as I am "myth busting", you know how everyone says males are "useless"? :cool: The scientific evidence shows that in at least some strains, males can be just as potent as their sisters! :eek:

    These dudes didn't just do the old "Dry, Try. High?" type of testing! :smoke: They were using qualitative analysis using high performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection and gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry to detect the actual levels of THC!

    Cultivation of Cannabis sativa L. in northern Morocco. (abst – 2005)
    Cultivation of Cannabis sativa L. in northern Moro... [Bull Narc. 2005] - PubMed - NCBI

    In addition, the present study establishes that male plants, often considered deficient in delta-9-THC, contain levels of the same order as those recorded for female plants, both in the leaves and in the tops.

    I'd try them before tossing any males (and save a bit of pollen in case one is super good! Male potency is a good trait to save!) You might be quite pleasantly surprised by your males! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
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  12. Stems have like nothing you want in them comparatively, just whatevers sticking to the outside, hence why it's only really practical to use them for processing, not smoking as they tend to give massive headaches at least for me
  13. Stems have trichomes just like the sugar leaves and buds, they just don't have as many so they won't get you as high. You will probably only notice the high if you aren't a heavy daily smoker.

    The amount of smoke you'd get compared to the amount of THC per stem would probably cause a really bad headache.

    You could probably vape a ton of stems and get stoned but it would be annoying and take forever.
  14. Hey Granny, ive always wondered here.... the thing about males says "...leaves and tops"

    obviously im aware of what leaves are... but by "tops" is it saying, top of the plant, ends of the branches, tops of where the pollen sacks appear????

    Because the leaf part makes sense... female plants have very very little THC (and other cannabinoids) in the leaves, so it makes sense a male could match that. But im lost what it means by tops lol are they just implying that, were it female, where the buds would appear, is where the male has higher concentrations of cannabinoids?
  15. I rather smoke neither males nor stems ever, disgusting in my opinion. All males and stems have enuf for extraction with solvents or edibles tho
  16. We got around a lot of that by blenderizing the stems and sifting out the green powder and leaving the white stem splinters in that big wire mesh strainer from the kitchen! We would smoke the green and toss the white! That got rid of a lot of the inert inner stem and left us with a slightly better smoke. :smoke: It smoked best in a pipe- too finely powdered for a joint.

    Granny :wave:
  17. What are you 12? Fiending to get high and smoking stems?

    Stems are nasty as fuck you're basically smoking wood. And the only potent source of thc is on the outer skin as keif but it usually all falls off in the bag, the rest is just scraps and hemp fibers. How did it taste and was it worth the 30 minute buzz?
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  18. I'm 23, lost my job and haven't had the money to buy a big ounce, so I've been smoking resin which is all gone, so I tried stems :laughing:

    It really tasted like perfume and burnt wood, but it literally got me high for about an hour or two so I guess I would say, yes, it was worth it. Just not something I'd do everyday of course.
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  19. I like that idea xD never thought of it. Seen alot of ur post's, you a real fountain o info :) STIL id rather make hash or edibles tho xP i do smoke alot for the experience and taste etc nt just high tho, so diferente opinions xP
  20. Mans gotta do wat a mans gotta do xD

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