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Stems and leaves

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JesusGreen, May 27, 2009.

  1. Now, originally I had believed that leaves and stems had barely any THC in them, and wouldn't get you very high, if at all. However, recently I picked up a couple of grams of some weed that had huge stems and tons of leaves (he factored that in, I probably got about 3 grams if you included the weight of the stems/leaves). Anyway, I shared a couple of joints with some friends and got absolutely mashed, which although isn't a hugely rare thing for me due to my low tolerance, off a couple of joints, it is. So the next joint, on the next day, I made from (Well, spliff, I'm from the UK, so it's a weed tobacco mix) cut up stems, some leaves, and a tiny bit of bud, so that I wouldn't get mashed so quickly. It got me just as stoned as before..

    I smoked the rest of the bud, and was left with some stems that I could either: A) Throw away, B) Pipe, or C) Cut up and put in a joint. Now bear in mind, these are BIG stems, not the kinda string-like bits you get in your weed sometimes, there was at least a gram of stems I'd say. So anyway yeah, I just rolled a spliff with slightly less than the usual amount of tobacco, and all of those stems cut up into little bits, except a couple bits that got stuck in my grinder and I was too lazy to get out.

    So I was just going to ask, what are your views on stems? I've never got a headache or felt bad after smoking stems, the only thing I dislike about them is how one, yes, you need more to get stoned, and two, they're a pain to roll with.

    Oh, I'll post back later after I've smoked this one. Since it's 100% stems and nothing else, I'll be able to say for sure whether it was the stems getting me high last time or not :p

    (Sorry for the long post XD)
  2. I don't have much views on stems. I heard that 'seeds' give headaches, but I've smoked seeds and never have gotten a headache.

    Just light that shit up and go for it. I'm sure it will get you a little blazed. (not sure though because I've never smoked 'just' stems before).

    Let us know :D
  3. go for it man,id try it.just sounds like itd be a bitch to roll though
  4. Haha it was, the joint nearly split so I had to patch it up with the sticky strip from another paper. I'm glad that I got good at fixing joints back in the early days when I was useless at rolling :p

    I'll probably be going out to smoke it in about 20 mins, I'm just chatting to a few people on MSN first. But yeah, I'll let you guys know how it goes :)
  5. just make edibles. you will get more high.
  6. Back. Success! :)

    Too baked to write a decent reply, but I think that's evidence in itself :p
  7. Hahaha,thats sweet man,i always just thought itd give you a headache:p
  8. Yeah. It doesn't taste as nice as bud, and you feel a bit like you do before you start to feel sick, but it's worth it. I was pleasantly surprised :)
  9. This. It's better to just do an extraction and eat them.
  10. Agreed. Though I smoked them mainly for the purpose of proving both to myself, and others, either that they could or couldn't be smoked. I can say 100% that they can, and with nice weed the high is little different from the high the bud will give you. The taste is a downside though, and as you rightly stated, you'll get more from them if you cook them.
  11. If they are stems from really good weed you can make a halfway decent qwiso from them too; there's usually some kief stuck to them.

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