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  1. Got this new stemless bong for $120 at a local headshop. Hits great but dont really know much else about it. Put some fish tank gravel on the bottom to diffuse it a bit. Same hits with no drag.What you guys think?

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  2. Fish tank gravel??? Sounds and looks gross man... find yourself some diffuser beads.
  3. ya looks like a nice bong and all, and nice price too...but fishtank gravel?? haha cmon
  4. eww wtf is in the bottem its ewww.. eww
  5. the gravel is cheap, clean and works good. i only payed 4 bucks for a fat ass bag. we're on a budget here. the glass is really thick. stemless is the only way to go. Where do i get the beads?
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    I have an Aquarium in my room and even if i wanted extra diffusion i would never use fish gravel.

    Shoulda gone with sand for an even smoother hit
  7. haha sand. well i didnt get actually get fish tank gravel. they are the smallest river rocks. so it looks natural. Its not those neon rocks. gross.
  8. Ahh ok, its not fish gravel. Good shit then haha. Nice stemless too!
  9. Well jeez... if you woulda said that to begin with. :p
  10. haha yeah my bad. it has some ice notches and some cool art sand blasted in it. this thing is a great buy.
  11. nice stemless man

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