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    I'm looking at a custom stemless piece with a halo diffuser. Its a very well done piece by a local blower. However I've never had a stemless piece and am not sure what is most important and what to look at with the halo diffuser. Any advice on what to look at with stemless pieces to tell a quality smooth piece aside from going by name alone?
  2. The total are of the holes should be equal to or greater than the point where the fixed stem meets the actual percs. I refer to it as a fixed stem because it makes it easier to refer to the part that would be the stem. This is pretty important with any perc, but you want the total area where the smoke to escape to have as much flow as the fixed stem will let in.

    Also make sure the weld connecting the fixed stem looks sturdy, and the fixed stem should have a reinforcement.

    Take some pics of it next time you see it and before you make a purchase. I'd like to see this thing.
  3. With stemless pieces you want your downstem to be very level.
    I don't know what a halo defuser is, It might just be a circular defuser.
    And If it is, make sure that the circle is very.. even, if its tilted alittle bit, you won't get 100% of the defusion. Check to see if one of the holes is bigger then the other.
    Treat it like a peculator. not like a downstem.
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    Yes.. By halo I meant circular diffuser? I'll have to check out how level it is. I was worried about the hole size, shape and such. the holes should be spaced evenly as well right?
  5. Yes, you want it as even as possible. You never want the smoke to get easyer out one hole, then is dose in others.
    This happens alot with "china glass" where you have like a 12 arm tree perc, but. only 3-4 arms are always pumping out smoke.
  6. I will be honest a halo has large amounts of drag; partially because it is basically a tree perc with one arm but also because there is no place for expansion. While we always talk about how expansion makes for flavor retention, we ignore and forget the more important reason for the expansion.

    The acts of the smoke expanding followed by contraction into a perc creates a venturi system; which causes the smoke to pick up speed aka how it pulls/rips. This is why so many high end tree percs have a big disk with arms going down rather than a stem with multiple arms coming straight off( like Chinese glass, but even Chinese glass is switching over)

    Your better off asking for a circ perc/ shower head, same diffusion effect but A LOT less drag.
  7. How do the circular vs inline type diffusion compare on stemless pieces?

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