Stemless Disc Diffused 20" Clear Bong

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by zRegular, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Got this today at a local headshop (all NW glass). All clear, 20", stemless 3-hole disc diffused 18.8mm bong. Was priced at $150 with clear glass bowl, got it with this worked bowl for $110 out the door (friend of a friend of the owner).

    Very pleased with it. Bubbles stack very well. Going to get a nail/dome setup tomorrow :D



  2. That looks great, and seems like you got a good deal on it as well.
  3. Anyone know the typical amount of holes for a disc diffuser??

    Love this piece. Chugs so hard, perfect taste.

    I love the stemless setup, it looks so clean and serves as a perfect handle.
  4. Nice pickup mate, enjoy
  5. There's not really a typical amount, they can have anywhere from three holes to several gridded slits equaling dozens of holes. Nice pickup though bro! I like the handle on that slide.

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