stemless disc 14 arm (pics and vids)

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    [ame=""]YouTube - Movie 0004[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Movie 0001[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - grape ape[/ame]

    the second i saw the very first one made by wicked sands on the other city site, i had to have one, called them up and said please make me that tube! a few days later it was fresh out the kiln and ready to pick up. Anyways, i LOVE this piece, its my favorite piece of functional glass art in my little collection. and getting this made me feel alot better after recently breaking the glass that was most special to me


    45 x 5mm
    diamond shaped 11 hole disc
    reinforced 14 arm tree
    ice pinches
    flame polished WS logo
    very sturdy base
    18mm joint
    stock bowl

    [ame=""]YouTube - WS stemless disc 14 arm[/ame]


    [ame=""]YouTube - WS first hit[/ame]
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  2. alot of pics of a sweet ass bong congrats on the sweet pickup :hello:
  3. Damn that is a sick tube. First time seeing one of those. Nice grab man
  4. i absolutely love it
    wicked sands do the inline a/c too?
  5. Nice piece!
  6. Nice man, WS is blowing up now with all of luke wilson's trees.
  7. if u dont mind me asking how much did it run u bro
  8. looks wonderful, nice tube and nice tunes!
  9. sick tube, and nice to see another blade using a carbon adapter, i don't understand why more people don't use em.
  10. Thanks guys! i can't put this thing down! lol

    Yeah the inline is WS also, i picked it up a few months back.

    I didn't know luke wilson did the tree, that explains why its flawless, love his work. I was trying to get a ws / wilson inline - 14 arm colab, didn't happen.

    thanks man

    Yeah i use mine most of the time, I smoke alot so i hate cleaning my glass ALL the time, the carbon keeps your glass sooo much cleaner!

    I added another vid at the top
  11. damn that shit is mad sexy
  12. how much did u pay for that?
  13. I was about to buy a wicked sands of bfg would it make more sense to call them directly? how much did that run you so I can get an Idea of what I would be paying
  14. How much did you pay? I'd like one.
  15. [ame=""]YouTube - WS first hit[/ame]

    We look like the same person, no kidding.
  16. Wow, can't believe I missed this before. Sweet piece man, I bet it hits like a dream. WS is really making some sweet stuff, I'm definitely going to have some of their glass in my collection in the future. Enjoy the tube man.
  17. Thanks man, yea WS has been pumping out some nice glass lately. You should pick one up, im jealous of your SG. Ive always thought of SG as the definition of high class glass, someday i will be the proud owner of a gridline
  18. haha i guess its just when you milk glass we look the same, my bad blade =P

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