Stemless bong or no

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  1. Should I buy stemless bong or bong with stem

  2. yes and no
  3. Should you give us more details so we can actually help you?
  4. Stemless Gives you one less thing to worry about when cleaning your glass. Also I feel like pieces that are stemless have quite a nice pull on them most times and also benefit from NOT having an ashcatcher. Anyways yea give us some more info!!!
  5. stemless.  Stemless allows for more advanced percs than just a downstem.  All the current sovs and toros are stemless.
  6. Stem on the bowl or stemless bong? Never have stems in the bowl
  7. Stemless gives you more drag off the back regardless of percs.

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  8. I can disagree with your statement. I have found my stemless mobius stereo matrix 60t to have virtually no drag compared to all my old stem bongs. (Like my current FROST Holy Genesha, or my broken AMG Beaker Bottom)

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  9. Makes no sense. Stemless is more open therefore less drag
  10. That's a fact

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  11. Stemless is nicer because they stay clean easier in my experience
  12. Most stemless require more water to work properly. More water more drag.

    Makes perfect sense.

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    Drag is going to depend on your water level.  My roor has almost zero drag when I fill it just above the holes.  If I fill it up an inch or two above the holes it has a but load of drag.
  14. have you ever hit a stemless before op? i think each style of piece has its pros and cons, but i feel you have to hit each style at least once before your decision....even a simple water test would suffice.
  15. Chamber size determines water amount, not the presence of a stem.
  16. Maybe it's the peices I have hit because a lot of the stemless peices I've seen require that you add a lot of water. Maybe in a straight tube it wouldn't matter?

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  17. Alot of stemless are straight tube. Straight tubes in general require much less water than a beaker bong or other styles. The style is what determines the water and drag/chug, not so much that it's stemless or not.
  18. I've had a few stemless and a few with stems and I've always preferred the way the stemless smokes. They have all been tubes but it's easy to clean and I like how they hit. I have a triple honeycomb that's stemless and it takes no breath to fill it with smoke and no breath to clear it. I can literally pound down a whole bowl in one hit with a little breath left over.
  19. Yeah I only ever bought a water pipes for dabbing so in all honesty I'm a newbie when it comes to flower tubes.

    Everything I buy is under 7 inches with minimal diffusion

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