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Stem Turning Red Recently??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jasonh420, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Yeah i have some plant's i grew some month's ago. I grew them indoor's till late Veg. stage and moved them outdoor. The plants are in flowering and began to bud a couple weeks ago. The stems slowly turned red as of the past week in a half? Why does this happen for and is it something i should worry about?
  2. its normal, unless the leaves are turning red

  3. What happens if the stems near buds, the stems leading to the leaves and the stems on the leafs have turned red?
  4. could be a P deficiency, what is the ph of your soil and water? make sure its around 5.5-6.5, if thats right, then try using a fert with slightly higher P, ex. 10-15-10 (N-P-K) only use at 1/4 strength

  5. Im not sure on my P.H. I do not have a soil tester but the every stem everywhere on it is red tho looks a little wierd Imma have to get a Pic on here and show ya!:smoking:
  6. In many strains, this is perfectly normal.
    It is NOT indicative of any kind of deficiency or pH problem.
  7. mine too have started doing this a little in the past two or so weeks. i looked around the net and found it to be quite normal on some strains. its almost like a deep purple/blood reddish color....i wouldnt worry too much....nonetheless keep an eye on it j.i.c...
  8. Me three. since it was pretty young. But it was in a rusted bucket cause I had to dig it up quickly. I was thinking it was the bucket leeching the soil. but who knows--
  9. im pretty sure that when your leaf stems turn a reddish purple it means you have a nitrogen deficiency
  10. Red/purple stems are also just a genetic phenotype.
  11. Sorry man but not even close. Its genetics.
  12. Yeah listen to those guys, as long as the leaves don't start turning a very dark green-purple and drooping/curling in, then it is probably just the phenotype, I was just giving you the heads up that it COULD be a deficiency, because it happened to my plants and it was and once i got the right fert it was back to normal, so just keep an eye out
  13. I've been growing for 4 years in a row in my backyard, in-ground, and every year the stems leading from the bud to the leaves have been a reddish/purplish colour, and every year it's ended up growing just fine and some really good dope. I think you have nothing to worry about my friend!
  14. This is my 1st year in my backyard man! Ive grown elsewhere not alot tho. My plant... I dont mind the purple anymore just there's hardly no leaves "fan" that is it has like 6-8 leaves on it and the bud it look naked:eek:!
  15. hi what does it mean if your leaves have began to curl up and turn a deep purple reddish color?
  16. Ive heard About this But Im not Sure really? I know its not good at all tho compared to just the stems being that color dont sound good!
  17. hi,

    i noticed that all the stems of plants that are most near to my florescent lamp turn red. is that bad?

    apart from it they grow faster then the other plants and the leaves grow bigger.
  18. I think it is the plant producing anthocytans sp?? and is a signal for stress, could be fungal, disease, insects etc . . .

    I think this was a three year old post, maybe try your own topic if it hasn't been discussed already
  19. yeah thanks, i just realized also that it is a forum to grow hump , this isn't exactly hump lol... just plants

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