stem turning brown

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by slickpb, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. the plant is 11 days old, and i've noticed that some of the stems are beginning to turn slightly brown. is there something wrong or are these stems getting woody? they are really thick. plant gets 100 watts hps light that's a little under a foot above - 18 hours, and temp ranges from 75 to 85. thanks.
  2. normal in many,many strains,,,the stem must build cellulose in order to hold itself,,more if it is female..

    I have noticed the "browning","purpling" more so with hps only grows..

    with the Misty I have grown,,the stem and vegetation is a healthy green under Halide or Sunlight,,and yellows,stems brown,and purple under HPS..similar with other strains as well..

    But no worries,,like woody said,,,overall appearance, it will grow/flower just fine,,as soon as it is flowered it will green a bit,,,...

  3. how close could the plant be placed to the 100 watt hps without being harmed? how close should the light be for optimum growth? thanks

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