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Stem Turning Brown After a Week of Germination

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by madcats05, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Hey can any one help me out over here? :wave: My stem is turning brown only a week after germination and i don't know what to do. I'm using a Hydro setup and ive used "Super-thrive during the germination process ( you wet paper towel and a lil superthrive) its now been a week and the stem us going brown. Can some please help me out.:confused:

    150W HSP ( w/ reflector) & LED Grow Lights (Pics are attached)
    Growing Space H 60 inch x W 37 inch x D 20 inch
    6 inch inline fan
    6 inch carbon filter
    2 inside pc fans ( 6 inch)
    2 4 inchs PC inflow fan on outside is pull in fresh air

    Type of seed :El Alquimista ( from the single seed center it was a free seed):)
    Genotype: 30% sativa 70% Indica
    Harvest Time: 8/9 weeks – late September
    Production :440-700 gr/m2 indoor/outdoor
    Lineage: Northern light x AK 47'

    Process so far:

    Ive been using distill water ( from walmart)
    Ph is 5.8 : PPM 10 ( After super-thrive been added)

    Can some please help me out.:confused:

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    well 10 ppm doesnt seem like it is enough to feed a plant. it needs a light dose of grow nutrients and maybe some calmag(if ur nutes dont have it)?
  3. @pizzaisgood

    You have any ideas on what i can do? Thanks
  4. Here are the nut im using. Ive only used the super-thrive. Its been a week now and i havent used any other nuts

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