stem too thin?

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  1. Those are round 7 days old and they got tall but the stem is thin.Anyone know anything about this? thanks

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  2. if you are usually the sun as the light that is the reason. you really need to keep a light 3" away from the plant so it doesn't want to go to much closer to the light.
  3. Definately should not have put 3 seeds in a half cup of soil....
  4. I keep them under a 30w cfl but im going to get more.But is that a problem that the stem is thin?
  5. Yea i know i shouldnt have done that but im goin to transfer them into bigger pots real soon.
  6. I think your best bet it to start over from scratch. You will likely kill those seedlings trying to transplant them as their root systems are likely intertwined. Or you could kill two of the seedlings and hope the third one turns out to be female.

    If you start over you need to fill the cup to the top with dirt and have only one plant per pot. Have a fan lightly blowing over the plants 24 hours a day. This will help simulate an outdoor environment with wind so the stems will strengthen. It will also help prevent fungus problems. If you're using CFLs you definately need to get some more and should keep them about two inches away from the plants. With the fan blowing heat shouldn't be a problem at all.
  7. thankss... i have them more than half way filled.So i should fill em all the way rite now?
  8. anyonee???
  9. You can fill them all the way up as long as you don't cover the leaves but your plants don't have much hope since you planted them all in the same pot.
  10. start over dude. individual cups totally filled with soil next time. move that CFL within a few inches of the plants too. the stems are long and skinny from stretching, which means the light is not close enough.
  11. And wat about if they are not tangled then they will be ok.Im goin to repot them tomorrow and see wut comes out of it.
  12. Re-plant, more light, more knowledge.

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