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Stem Tea Recipe!! :) AMAZING!!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Canadian RooR, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. #1 Canadian RooR, Jul 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 14, 2010
    Recipe for STEM TEA


    - 14 Grams Of Stock/Bud Stem (can add pure bud as well, better high) Per 1 Stoner
    - Coffee Brewer and Or Pot On Stove (Stove Method Is Better)
    - Coffee Filter
    - Strainer
    - Orange Pekoe Tea (Or whatever your tasty preference)
    - Water
    - Measuring Cup


    So for stem tea, you will need to start off with getting your measuring cup.
    For every 14 grams of stem/bud that you use in your tea you will need to add 1.5 Cups of hot water to your brew.

    Add Water to pot on stove or add to coffee maker.
    Add stems/bud to pot while water boils.... USE LID SO STEAMY THC DOES NOT ESCAPE!
    Add coffee filter to coffee maker and add stems/bud

    *** I will Just finish Coffee Maker Method... When 1st brew has gone through, pour back into coffee maker resivior and brew again. Continue steeping till your desired strength. I normally do 5 rounds of steeping for 1 person 2 steeps for every other person and 14g stems added. on last steep add 1 tea bag for evey 2 people*****

    After 5 minute boil on high let simmer on medium for another 15 minutes.

    Bring off heat, and strain into cup or another container to pour from.
    Use coffee filter to line strainer.

    Add tea bag of your choice and sugar and milk as you may or drink it black.

    Enjoy :)

    EDIT: As For the mixing of the THC with the water, It Doesn't. It may mix a little bit when you add milk if you do, but other that that it will no mix or disperse. You will see the oil on top of the tea with every sip you take. It looks like a mini oil spill in your tea :p
    So it is concentrated and not dispersed along with other soluables :)

    Hope You Know Now :) ENJOY!!!
  2. This wouldn't work because thc isn't water soluble, you'd need to add butter or some fatty product to your mixture..
  3. No you see thats where your wrong man and i will edit it for clarification...
    The oils float on top of the water so they are not mixed in thats why it is so concentrated and not dispersed along with other fats.

    Trust i have dont this mannnnny times and been fucked and cant move my body is so relaxed. Trust it looks like you have an oil spill ontop of your tea :)
    But thanks for the tid bit man. Sorry i did not clear that up
  4. Ahh I see where youre coming from, sorry. It's just alot of people come on here saying they made their magnificient stem tea with no fats.. I see what you mean though. I'm going to have to try this out for myself thanks op.
  5. No problem man, i hear you on that too. I have seen ppl fail at making it. But you just have to boil it for the right amount of time.

    I will advise it is verrrry strong. So if you like chronic taste you will like this if not you will have a bitter face :p

    But it does get you stonnnned, if done well :)

    Enjoy man.. lemmie know what you think
  6. Where does the oil at the top come from?
  7. I'd say add some hot chocolate mix to it. The thc will brake down and dissolve faster, it'll taste better, and it makes more sense then just using water.
  8. The oil is from the THC meltin at is point to an oil and staying on top of the water cause water and THC are not soluable... its like olive oil and water.

    oh i hear you bud lover, i have tried the THC Hot Chocolate... its hella good but for some reason the tea onj its own with the oil on top tastes sooo good to me... 1st off im obessed with Tea in general, as well as my lovely Weed... so i dunno i like how the oil floats on top and is uber concentrated :) and it tastes sooo chronic :)
    But Thanks for the tipper man :) Kudos :)

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