Stem stretching problem

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  1. Hello guys , i've notice my 3 girls got a problem , i've read online that it could be the heat ....
    So , the girls recive light from the sun during day-time and when the sun goes down i put them under the 3 clfs , i know they should use more light but i though the sun would do the most of it , for flower i got a 400w hps and on info about the plant it says it only needs 2 weeks veg time .... anyway my questions are the following :
    Should i stop placing them outside during sun and get more cfls ? is it too hot for them during this time of year ? ( living in hot place )
    Should i lst them ?
    Should i put them under the 400w hps full time ? ( i only turn it on like 2-3 hours or so cuz i was thinking the sun is strong enough )

    Its my first grow , the middle one seems to not strech and seems to be doing better ! Peace and love !

    IMG 2150
    IMG 2151
    IMG 2152
    IMG 2153

    Forgot to mention that the girls are autoflower blue chesse and they're like 14-16 days , one of them is a little older with like 3 days ( sorry for my english )
  2. What are your day time temperatures? Do you have a shaded area that can offer some protection.
  3. I am not a auto expert but plants love/need consistency, i like 20/4 for autos some like 24/0, certain strains and genitics will stretch some no matter what you do, I suspect the middle one would grow shorter no matter what lighting you were using, 5 plants from seed rarely all grow the same....,

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