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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cocoa, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I dont have room in my grow cab for another fan but what iv been doing is changing the postition of the plant under the light so it has to bend to it. do you think this will strengthen the stem or should i stop. Also, has anybody thought about dry ice and CO2, just an idea i had in chemistry class.
  2. Im not sure about that but you dont have room for a pc fan?
  3. yeah iv got two in for vents. one blowing in and one blowing out w/ light traps but neither one blows directly on the plant. i think i can shift some stuff around and put one on the guts of a big fan so it will oscelaticize all over my baby.
  4. Yes Bending the stems / branches will strengthen the main stem conciderably.

    Reason for this is when you bend down the plant, more light gets to the main stem thereby promoting new branches to form at the fan leafs on the main stem, as those branches grow the main stem must grow thicker and stronger to support them.
  5. Bending will work,(Grab the top bend it over half way, almost so that the top is now in the soil, try not to snap, make sure it bends!) If its too risky to bend it even tieing wieghts on the top to bend it down would stimulate that effect.

    Changing the position of the plants, is not neccesary but it wouldnt hurt to do so a couple times within your grow, it wouldnt strengthen the main stem though.

    If you cant get fans, its gonna suck.... try not to flower your plants at a high height if your stem doesnt improve.
  6. dont train the plant if you dont know what your doing, moving the plant around so that it gets different angles of light is good and I like to do it.

    If you cant get more fans, what you do is grab your planty by the bottom of the stem and shake it gently for a minute or two twice a day. This will beef your stem up

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