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  1. First time grower here, I've been doing as much research as possible and was wondering if anyone has tried "Stem splitting" on their plants to produce a more potent batch? And if so does it work?
    The picture attached is some info I found on this topic

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  2. I have never seen something like that done before and would be sceptical of it actually working. That just seems like a vector for disease and pests. It would be more advised to start out with standard growing practices until one gets used to how the girls how and diagnosing any problems that may come up. The more variables you pile up makes it harder to attribute positive/negative effect. Also make it harder to get your questions answered when you help, kinda like using the journal thread for purposes other than journals.
  3. I am new to grass city and still getting used to this site and how and where to post questions, didn't mean to have this question in a grow journal, but the splitting of the stem has some interesting facts to back up it's claim, but the only way to know for sure would be to try it out!
  4. Well you would need a large enough group of clones under same conditions to determine if there really was a case for it increasing THC content. Stress response can influence potency but best means would probably be via UVb exsposure to increase resin gland production. At the end of the day the biggest determining factor is genectics, next favorable environment and then adequate nutrients.
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  5. I have a crop of about 25, half of them are 3 months old and the half 2 months old and they're all the same strain, and are all grown outdoors in the same conditions, you can check out my media as I have pics of them all there, any advice would be appreciated. I have experimented a bit with them, some are in ground and were topped, other ones are in pots and I topped them as well as training them via LST. Even though it's my first grow, I wanted to try out different techniques to gain some knowledge and experience. But I am pretty impressed with myself so far.
  6. Start a journal, will give a chance for people to follow what you are doing and offer up suggestions. You can always just change the title of this thread and run it along from here.
  8. Snoleperd here, split stem yesterday to put this 2 rest , it has only been 1 day but I did notice a little more frost not much and I am using a solar storm so it could be that, this is something I would never do to a healthy plant much to radical and it felt wrong, i allways say a little prayer to the kush goddess before harvest to me this felt like desecration, any way i plan to havest fri so i will let you know. One more thing, i was told to expect plant to die, on the contrary after a small period of shock she now seems fine, tough fuckers!! Snoleperd
  9. Awesome! Can't to see how it goes
  10. Ok I will start a jounerle
  11. I am growing bomb seeds Chery bomb auto flower , my plant is 12 days old, 11 Inc tall, starting on it's 6 set of leaves , I am using fox farm happy frog +pearlite. + worm casing +grow stone's , I am feeding a small amount of botanacare pro food base , as for flowering agent botanacare pro+ bloombastic. I have a California light works veg master and a solar storm bloom booster ( 110 ) ph 6.5 hum 55 per temp 70 f
  12. Snoleperd here, I split that stem 6 days ago, my plant is covered in cookies no lie, no joke, a Fact I don't bealeave it my self but I am now going to hold off havest as long as possible, I'm new to this forum is there some way to upload pitchers? Any way I will report back 1 more time with my thoughts and impressions. Happy Trails. SNOLEPERD
  13. Yes to upload pictures, just reply to your own thread and under post reply there's a button that says upload a file, click on it, and go from there
  14. So how did the stem splitting work out? Did you crop it yet?
    Let us all know! I know that I am very curious to see/hear how it turns out?

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