stem split down the middle, will it be ok?

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  1. Hey guys, I did a little too much LST today and the Stem split right down the middle by an inch...

    The plant was topped at fifth set of leaves so out of the place it got topped it grew 2 new growths, kind of like a Y and I was pulling both in opposite directions. I pulled one too hard and the fat stem right in the middle of the Y just split down the middle for about an inch.

    its a feminized white widow, I used some yarn to tie the stem together, I will upload a diagram of the accident in a couple minutes to illustrate what happened.

    anyone had this happen?
  2. yep, you will likely lose one of the halves, I did. The good news is that at your stage, she will recover just fine.
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  3. Are you sure, I would not want to lose one of the halves. I should mention that I am in 6th week of growing and have just switched to flowering. The plant is about 1.5-2 feet tall. Both of the halves are one foot each and have lots of growth. Here is the diagram of what happened.

    The stem below the Y is pretty damn thick, the stem of each half is also pretty thick. Will I really have to loose one half of it?

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  4. idk man, i am just saying i lost one of the branches when I did that, I was probably 2 or 3 weeks into flower at the time.

    I know you have 6 weeks in her, and you think you are far along, but at the beginning of flower is super early, and she will recover fine whether she drops that branch or not.
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  5. If it was caused by pinching the stem a little too much during lst and caused it to split they should recover just fine my did nicely.
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    thanks man, i am still hoping that she will continue living normally with just some stress for a couple days...

    i have been reading about other people that had this happen and someone said to put some honey where the split is and tie that area up with electrical tape. Anyone heard of the honey idea, it is supposed to be like a natural glue for MJ, and what about electrical tape, is that good to tie the stem.

    Currently it is tied with yarn at the top of the split, it looks good, looks like it doesn't even have a split.

    But maybe I should tie the whole inch up with electrical tape? Can I wait till the morning?

    jt108798: thanks man, it was caused by pulling one of the halves too much, since the plant looks like a Y due to topping, the fat stem in the middle of the Y split down the middle about an inch. You might be talking about supercropping, not sure, but I did not pinch anything, just pulled one of the halves.
  7. electrical tape will introduce xylene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and god knows what else to your plant. Stay away from adhesives (unless they are plant safe and designed for this purpose, now that I think about it, there may be a specific product available).

    She's not going to grow back together, the yarn is only preventing further breakage, leave the yarn on her, no on the tape.
  8. good to know about the electrical tape, thanks man
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  9. Ok yeah I was talking about supercropping but definately would tie it together with a cotton string, don't think honey would hurt but never heard of it. I once broke of a bottom branch completely, I immediately taped it back on and it somehow recovered.
  10. Pics of the actual plant would really help dude.
  11. I'll take one tonight and post it here but with it tied it looks like nothing happened.

  12. How do the branches look today? If you were going to lose one you would probably see some serious stress by now. If they're looking good I would say you are probably golden.

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  13. I'm saying cause same thing kinda happened to me, well it didn't split in two but both branches were kind of hanging. I did't even try to support it after some reading on super cropping. Now the plant that suffered this has two huge knots one for each branch and growth has been going on non stop. I'd say you are fine. Also as "I have this" said if it looks ok today you are off the hook. While your ladies remain under the hook. ;)
  14. From what I know, air let into the split will kill some of the cells, you will need a resin or something to keep the air out.
  15. so putting honey in the splt might be a good idea?

    will try to get the pics up tonight or tomorrow, i have had people over and cant get to the grow room now.
  16. This is the girl I was talking about earlier. Check out those knots. I can get closeups if ya want.

  17. so, i checked on it but still cant take a picture. It shows absolutely no signs of damage. Hope it will continue that way. Thank you all for all the replies.

  18. Good deal man, I would say you're definetly good to go at this point. She would be all kinds of stressed by now if she was going to lose one.
  19. As long as both of the branches are still connected to the stem you should be fine this happened to me alot even in flower if your gonna lose any of the branches you would be able to tell with in a couple of min because leaves would start drying up so if after the split the plat looks fine dont bother it leave it alone for a few days and it should recover just fine :D

    ps. i just saw the pic she will be fine nice plant !
  20. It is very possible for a broken branch to re attach to the main plant, you can even cut a hole in the main stem of the plant and put clones in the holes, these will grow, that way you can mix strains in one plant :p.
    It is called Graphting, aparently is because plants have a bad immune system unlike humans, so when we try to atatch a random arm onto our body, it will get rejected because of our immune system. The plant does the opposite thing, it accepts clones as branches and grow just as good as if it were a normal branch.
    Got told all this by my mate who just learnt all this shit in biology
    Keep Toking!:smoke:

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