Stem spiting

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  1. Snoleperd here it has been 72 hours since I split my stem on my 60 day lemon, I have Not really seen a massive increase trichomes but I did see a remarkable in crease in cookies ( smal balls that stack on each other open and new pistols) this is not a plant known for cookies, it's known for hard compact bud that said I do wish I had a control plant, but my eyes are not deceiving me the were not there today they are. I am going to keep this girl going as long as I can so we can put this baby to bed, I will upload a pitcher before harvest and check out my grow journal I am growing bomb seeds cherry bomb. ( a note of warning after my order of cherry bomb came, I ordered 5 more seeds ( thc Bomb ) I never got my order and I am a returning customer I got burned however I can't disparage there product it is very fine, so boys and girls if you must have bomb seeds go to a reputable seed bank you may pay more but at least you will get your product this co has about the worse customer service I have ever seen the only thing I did different is they told me if I send cash write on envelope documents enclosed this gave me a bad feeling beacuse this tell them there is cash inside and it's gone happy trails Snoleperd

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