Stem soil line rot??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Toxicjeeper, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. I just saw this this morning not sure how long its been going on but there looks like rot at the base of stem where it meets the there anything i can do to fix it? Plant is in 3 week of flower and is huge..i would hate to loose it now. Maybe smear some tolet gasket wax on it? 20190721_082621.jpg
  2. It is beside another 5 foot flowering plant that is at the start of week 7 flowering. Is this somethkng that can spread cause i dont wanna loose 2 plants and will chop the one with this messed up stem.
  3. pull the dirt away and let it dry and you'll see what you have. may need to tape it up. let the soil dry between waterings. this is a sign of watering too much or poor drainage.
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  4. Pulled dirt away and have a fan on it knly seems to be on the one side. What kind of tape should i wrap it with and do you recommend spraying it with some peroxicide first lettjng it dry then tape?
  5. nah. just leave it alone and let it dry. might not need anything but less water from now on
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  6. Ok will do im gonna cut way back on the most toilet gaskets are just bees wax so thought it might be a good natural sealer. Lol
  7. stick your pinky in the dirt up to the middle knuckle once every morning.. their morning not yours. if its dry all the way to the tip of your pinky, you can water. after a while you will be able to see that they get sad when they are thirsty. then you will just know when.
  8. Will do. I am using organic soil so didnt want it to dry out too much but this is worse..rather have soil on the dry side instead of wet now
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  9. always

    *** with ganja soil
  10. Pic after i moved soil 20190721_133657.jpg
  11. you've been over watering for a long time. just leave it alone. sometimes i accidentally break huge stems nearly in half training them and they do just fine. when it's dry just need to see if it is really brittle or if it is solid. brittle, tape it up with plant tape and hope for the best.

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