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Stem ?'s

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HeBrEwBeAr, May 6, 2011.

  1. i used the search found a thread but it was not helpful at all. so my ?'s are how many stems does it take to make some qwiso also i heard you could make firecrakers out of them if so how many stems? thanks in advance
  2. seriously gonna bump the thread after 2 minutes?

    you need a good amount of stems to make it worth while to do anything.
    if its from dank weed you could probably get something out of a half oz

  3. ya cuz no one was viewing it my bad.
    but thanks for the answer
  4. you only waited 2 minutes!!! lmao. you gotta be patient man
    also i just googled that shit and theres tons of info. try that
  5. lol ya i was tryin to be patient and that was a long ass 2 minutes. i tried google and i was lookin for some stuff but i didnt find much on the firecrackers too

  6. I wouldn't use stems for firecrackers because it will taste even worse than usual and you would need a shit load of stems. Save up and once you get anywhere from a half oz to an oz try making some butter, oil, or qwiso.

    I'm currently saving up my stems and roaches to make some qwiso. I have about an eighth already. But, sadly I won't have enough stems for a while because I'm taking a break from ganja until i get control of my life back.
  7. Stems are pretty useless in small quantities. If I have a decent size stem I'll chew on it, it doesn't do anything but it does taste good.
  8. wait more than 2 minutes to bump any thread anywhere...
  9. It's interesting how many self-appointed Mods there are at grasscity. For a site about weed (which in turn is usually associated with good feelings, peace, etc), the people who frequent this place have sticks up their asses. Nbd, js.

    You're going to need a lot of stems for that. I made a half quart of cannabis cooking oil with a half oz of stems and the brownies that I made with the oil were pretty weak. Got me high, but not as high as I wanted or expected.

    Ignore your stems. Put them in a separate jar somewhere as you get them. One day, you'll be about to roll a blunt and you'll realize that you have enough stems to get Chong high.

  10. Use your stems as screens. Works well and you'll get any cannabinoids left on them.

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