Stem rot?

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    Just came back from vacation and noticed this on one of my plants. I live in a very humid climate and believe this could be stem rot. First time growing outdoors and have nEver ran into this problem indoors. Every time I try and research into I just get another article about root rot! Please help!

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  2. Grasshoppers or other chewing insect or pest.

  3. Pythium hits the roots, stem leaves and bud,

    all named after the sights it lands on..? lol

    the mold does wiered shit to the surface it lands on

    any disruption to that surface makes life hell for this mold

    some apply milk others some type of copper spray

    I prefer neem oil

    but first you gotta snip that shit away like its Radiation

    so cover with a trash bag first to stop the spores spreading

    then apply your chem

    to prevent further attacks

    encourage a breeze way thru you garden

    check you plants daily

    good luck
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