stem problem

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NuBBiN, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. hey, I started these plants about two weeks ago and ive grown before but ive never had this problem. My plants stems are about 4 inches tall, but still the same thickness as they were at one inch... now when they were about 3 days old i accidentally took them down from their shelf to work on them but then i forgot to put them back up, they were left about 3 feet from the flouros for over 2 this just a case of my plants reaching for the light? if so do you guys have any suggestions as to how i can strengthen them? because right now they can barely stand up on their own w/o their brace that i had to build for them....could this also be the reason why theyre slightly stunted at the moment? they only have their pilots, plus their first pair of leaves, and this is going on the second week now.
  2. Get a fan blowing on them if you don't have one already. I'd suggest adding soil until it's just under the first pair of "true" leaves.
  3. yeah i already buried half the stems, and i have the fan i guess its just a matter of time

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