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  1. Hello,
    This is strawberry diesel in fox farm ocean forest soil. Lately it has been illuminated by a vertical four foot fluorescent light that is 40 watts. It is inside my closet which is part white, part covered with aluminum foil. The air gets somewhat hot and humid and stagnant, so usually I leave the door partially open. I water almost everyday since the water evaporates quickly from the medium or transpirates from the plant. I fertilize every other watering with fox farm grow big at normal strength. The water here is somewhat alkaline; the pH is usually around 7.5 to 8.0 but the fox farm nutes usually adjust it sufficiently to around 6.3 to 6.5.

    This plant has been growing for a while in my closet. It was a mother plant for while, but all the clones died because of lack of proper care. Now I am trying to start up a new crop and take good care of the plants.

    I am worried by the browning I see on the main stem:

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  2. Every day is not good,if this is truly happening the pots are too small,your watering not enough or your drainage is way too much(doubt you have any drainage at all) GREAT soil(dont change till you have the know how)and add 20% perlite next transplant use 1 gal soil for every foot of hight and get 20% runoff (waste water) on each watering

    All else loooks good man!;)
  3. Wow, how big you gonna let that thing get before you flower it?

    That brown doesnt look like any blight Ive seen.
  4. Should I add enough water to entirely saturate the soil?

    Also, the way I test if I should water is if I stick my index finger about an inch into the soil and it is dry. Is this a good/reliable method?

  5. I'm gonna use it as a mother. I'm going to take some clones and maybe trim it down more so it becomes more bushy.

    When it was cloned a while back, one clone was flowered by a friend under really weak fluorescent light. The bud was really fruity and dank, although a little bit sparse b/c of low intensity.
  6. How tall now and what sized pots are they in?

    Yes,you want to completely saturate the soil every time you water and use your solutions with 20% of the total volume coming out the bottom of the plant and use that to test the ph.

    BUT,remember to allow the plant to dry out a bit before watering again,like 2-5 days depending on soil,perlite,pot size,plant size,temps and RH.

    I use the "lift the pot method"all the time and after a short time you will know just when to water,lift it after well wet and when nearly dry and you will get the feel real quick.

    Try never to let the plant wilt though as this will stress the plant and is not good,i did it one time and learned just how long not to wait.

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