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  1. Okay, So this is my 1st grow, I believe I am on my way to greatness. My favorite plant has been leafing and growing well, but as of last night it the top has been sagging to about 10 O'clock. I spiked it overnight and it is still leaning this morning. My question is, does this always happen, will it straighten out? and are there any negative effects for spiking a plant (giant toothpicks and hemp rope loosely tied) for say a week?
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  2. Can you post a pic? My memory is very limlted. Hence no vids. Man my Iphone needs to get here.

    I have no advice w/o seeing or havin tons more info of grow.


    gl. ...alex

    edit: lol at self....I'ld stake it up w/long stake. then tie it to it. I'm not sure what your thooth pick thing is doing? Tie it up to keep it from doubling over and snapping. it could just be good growth! lets hope so aye.
  3. Okay, so I was sitting and smoking a bowl with my friend hypothesizing what went wrong. and we decided I added full strength nutrients too soon(a newbie mistake) and the leaves are simply to heavy for the stem. My question now is, IS IT TO LATE? could I spike the plant for some time, change out my reservoir with a much weaker nutrient solution and let the stem catch up maybe? I realize this will stint the growth and harvest time, but I am really just experimenting and learning at this time and time is no factor.
  4. try to get an airflow onto them to help build stems out abit

    just a light flow of air to make them sway abit will do
  5. We really need pics to have a shot at analyzing this plant.
    We don't even know if it's a 1 week old or a 2 month old plant we're talking about.

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