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  1. hey I was wondering what to do about this plant. The main stem comes up from the soil on the very edge of an 8 inch pot. it was growing unnoticed outside for about 2 months and I noticed a few days ago it was about 10-12 inches tall and looking pretty healthy so I brought it in and put it under some CFL's.

    should I attempt to transplant it? or will it grow ok even though its on the very edge of its pot?

    also I noticed what looks a growing burn mark on one of the leaves that may have gotten too close to the CFL but I'm not sure if its a burn or not. I'll have pictures of both issues up in about a day.

    all help is appreciated.
  2. If it's a small pot, yea i'd transplant it.
  3. transplant I guess
  4. It will grow ok if you leave it. The roots will go everywhere anyways. If you feel like it transplant it. Pay attention and listen to her she will tell you what to do.
  5. these pics are from about 2 days ago. its funny how its all the way on the very edge of the pot.

    in the second pic, is this burns or disease or something completely different?
    the plant may have been exposed to too much light due to malfunctioning timer or the bulb just got too close.

    Also, I'm noticing that in the upper section of the plant the stem has a purple hue any ideas?

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  6. Can anyone diagnose the leaf problem in that second picture?

    I'm concerned about it spreading. should I remove the leaf or is that not a good idea?

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