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Stem kief

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Dank of America, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. So Ive been saving my buddies and my stems for the last couple months and we have accumulated probably between 10-12 grams of this stuff. I dont grow so i dont have access to trimmings, but i would like to make kief. Has anybody here ever made stem kief? Or would it be easier for me to make baked good with it and buy some schwag for kief?
  2. Your probably not going to get anything out of that, there are no or bearly any trics to be found on the stems. You'd get more trics out of freezing your zip lock bags you buy your pot in. Then turn the bags inside out and scrape. Talk about scraping the bottom of the bucket. It's just not worth it.! Good luck with that anyway.
  3. i eat stem salad!!
  4. seriously? how?
  5. ^^Lol i doubt hes serious. But you can get a little bit of kief from stems. Just grind it up little by little and sift it (assuming you have a screened grinder). Ive done it before and you dont get much, but if youve got almost a half oz of stems you might get a bowls worth or so.
  6. You could try making a tea?
  7. Don't grind your damn stems. You'll only get stem powder :blah:

    If you have any stems with trics clingin on QW that shit.

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