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  1. my plant reaches upwards out the soil pretty high..but the leaves nearest the bottom all died (went yellowy-burnt looking) so..if i put her in a bigger pot, would it be ok to conserve growing space by burying more of the stem in the soil??
    shes becoming more of a tree-like plant rather than a bushy one and i am doing this stealthily and as small as possible :p
    any help is greatly appreciated
  2. what you growing a indica or sativa
  3. congrats ...... i bet youre a proud father of that beautiful plant ....

    those are some nice lookin bag seeds

    imma keep up to date on ur grow stats
  4. :)
    i DID have like 9 that were on their 1st or 2nd node but i threw a party and some asshole ripped em all up. this was the only one to survive. i picked one i had growin outside but its really fucked and i doubt itll make it anywhere close to this one. im really hoping its female as im getting really impatient :p
    thx :)
    tho, would it be alright if i buried a majority of the stem thats sticking up (potted it in a bigger pot obv.) so as to give me more room for height??
  5. anyone?
    can i bury more of the stem (in a bigger pot than at the mo`) in the soil as theres a length of just stem (there WERE leaves but they died) and i dont have too much room.
    please respond ! :)

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