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  1. Well Boxer's, what's everyone's opinion on Stem Cell Research?

    Personally, I am 100% pro Stem Cell research. This is for two main reasons:

    1. I'm pro choice, so if you're going to kill the baby, why not give it a purpose. It's like the hunting rule with hunting licenses. You're allowed to hunt, but only if you're going to eat the meat. You're not supposed to just go out, kill a deer, then leave it there. At least not in NY.
    2. I think it does more than good. People that are against stem cell research are saying we shouldn't use cells out of something that has never been born/is dead to save someone else. Sounds kinda hypocritical to me. I guess it's better to just give cancer patients a bunch of pain killers and make them numb/emotionless during the last few months/years of their lives.
  2. mmm delicious babies
  3. I agree for the same reasons.
  4. nailed it down pretty much
  5. Where's all the Boxer's opinions? Also, any ideas for other good threads? The Box needs to be picked up a little.
  6. since the closedown of certain topics not much to talk about
  7. I am totally for it. It is rediculous that we can't use this extremely valuable resource to its full potential. This shit can help grow back lost tissue and limbs, they can be used to effectively see the results of various drugs, etc.

    I am also pro-choice and i think that stem cells are a great thing and we should be using these things as much as we can
  8. Can you guess my response?

    Of course I am all for it.... Embryonic as well BTW.
  9. Doesn't surprise me that all the Boxers agree. It's just ridiculous what people complain about now a days.
  10. My friends sister went to china to get stem cell reaserch shit done cus of a car accident. They said it didn't work well. They had to wait 5 years for any change and it was only minimal. So I dont really agree with it using little baby cells for research lol fuck that
  11. I don't possibly see how someone could disagree. Stem cell research could possibly lead to huge advances in medicine, and it doesn't cause any harm to anything.

    But that's just my opinion.
  12. I don't see how anyone could argue this. I think the only reason why its not passed is the underlying religious themes in our government. I'm surprised that it has not been brought up under the current administration or that it has not been a media topic that it has not came up.

  13. There is nothing wrong with it! Abortions are going to happen, why not make some good of it. It shouldn't even be a question. It shouldn't be a pro-life vs pro-choice debate because by supporting stem cell research you're not endorsing aboritions, just taking a little good from the situation instead of letting it go to waste.

    I'm ridiculously high, so sorry if that dragged on :smoking:haha
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    Sorry to hear that My Brother if it had been legal in the US maybe she would have gotten better care. The Chinese got lead in toys, poison drywall and a number of other poison products they ship worldwide with no quality control.

    The "little Baby cells" in the US are not wanted by the parents and have expiration dates when they will be thrown in the trash as medical waste. If I was a hard line type I would be calling the man and women who created them little baby murders. They can not be a adopted they are the frozen property of the man and women who created them and when expiration time comes they are discarded as medical waste. Thrown in the trash.

    I respect you your words dude if it was legal in the US maybe the results would have been better for your sister. But it has been illegal for Dr in the US to use this technology the technology may have been far more advanced

    PS I encourage all the be a organ donor get in on you drivers licence. I am also on the Bone Marrow donor data base. And if some one took me out as a embryo I would not have a care in the world.

    If embryos could think I would be pissed to be thrown in the trash. I would say please tear out my stem cells and let me help others.

    EDIT Not all stem cells come from abortions they also are in frozen embryos in storage that the parents have discarded and when the expiation date comes of parents no longer pay for storage they become medical waste it is illegal in the US to take stem cells from these frozen embryos even if they are about to become trash ie medical waste

    Its is a heavy subject no offence to anyone just my 02

    Should I be allowed to create and freeze embryos in case my family needs these cells later?

    Currently is is legal to have a second child who may donate bone marrow or even a kidney to a ill brother and sister in need of such. I dont see much difference the cells belong to my family and no body dies. It has a ethical question Daddy why did you have me second? answer because you may have been able to save you little Bro/Sis life its family's sacrificing to help one another this is nothing new.

    I don not believe embryos have conciseness. Excuse the typing and grammar it a K Pin Xanax night

  15. I agree with OP, but as long as people dont start getting abortions just for the sole purpose of funding stem cell research.
  16. Stem cells can do amazing things, more so than a dead fetus.
  17. Ahh yea since you guys put it that way, then I dont have a problem with it. As long it actually does what they say it can then go for it :cool:

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