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  1. Well the other day i found a stem with what looked like a maggot inside it the plant has tops that are completely purple and lacking new growth for a few weeks, only a few tops are still growing, there are 2 out of 3 plants with this, any suggestions/advice is welcome thanks the only reason i think i noticed it is because i have been foiler feeding quite heavily and it swellled up and burst the stem
    i have a feeling these plants are screwed
  2. hey dude can u post a pic?
  3. I've never seen a worm bore into a plant stem. An application of Neem oil or an insecticide should cure your problem. I would also cut back on the feedings. A picture would be great too, to help identify what kind of insect it is.
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    I did some reading and found a couple solutions, however where i am we have maybe 2 weeks left before frost, so I feel good just letting them go, obviously it is pretty lucky to find a larva in the stem i looked at it for a good second then killed it , ASK ED said that its really a caterpillar larva and that a certain chemical is needed, also to inject said chemical into infected areas where u think they may be hiding, i will also try to post some pics of damage caused by them, fortuantly because some branches are doing great i'll have to wait a bit to show those pics they should serve useful as i found little to no info on grasscity about them and we have to touch on everything even if it is rarely seen some symptoms i can describe now would be
    -Little to no bud growth(Most noticeable is lack of new pistils)
    -stem turns a dark brown as well as any bud on the branch(unless below certain point)

    NO need for people to panic tho this is not normal these plants were seriously neglected for half a season and had bouts with almost every sort of bug and took two weeks of very cold wet conditons they were also planted near(bascailly inside) what i learned to be a host plant as a golden elderberry
  5. Iam not sure if these are a caterpillar larva or budworms, please any info on these, in almost any bud which had browned i found one Larva about 3-5 cm long, i also found orange.brown tiny afphid size bug living in all the sick buds. i cut the good shoots of today about 2 weeks early but was worried after i saw how bad this infestation is, there is 3 in the patch and 2 have it very badly yet the third type which is a GodSKunk is very healthy its the only one from seed and hasn't been in the patch all year only maybe 1.5 months i am worried these will affect the godskunk , the aphids i think they are seem to be eating only the sick buds and only directly around the infected sites,

    i would like to recieve any tips on how to cure these problems, more so i would like any on prevention
    Thanks GRASSCITY

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