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steel wool fumes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by random_man, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Are they bad for you?
    I have this decrative glass whistle, that if I cover the whistle hole it works as a pipe with a carp
    and I fill the bottom up with steel wool so that I can make a bowl out of the steel wool
    when I light the bowl I can see the steel wool melting
    and I was just wondering does it give off any harmful fumes?
  2. Don't smoke using the steel wool if you can see that the flame is melting it. I can't scientifically prove that it is harmful to you, but I would recommend against it.
  3. Bad. Very bad. Steel wool burns easily and the fumes are toxic. Why would you use steel wool to make a bowl?????
  4. thanks bro
    and love the sig :D
  5. its easy and convienent
    why else?
    but I wont any more
    thanks for the help
  6. oh god.


    God, they should teach this fuckin stuff on kids shows ffs.
  7. I can't believe you actually had to ask if this is a bad idea. You shouldn't even be smoking, dude.
  8. Another 15 year old is my guess.
  9. I'm thinkin' the same thing....
  10. WTF man. You didn't think inhaling fumes from something would be bad for you?:eek:
  11. Thanks and no problem! If you still want to use the glass whistle, you could try using a brass screen to shape a bowl. Or look up chillum stones and use that idea to your advantage. Hell, I would rather you smoke using aluminum foil than steel wool.

    @Iluvatar: The OP wasn't sure if fumes were being given off or not as the fumes aren't thick and billowing.
  12. yea bad idea my buddys spin fire poi and one has two small round cages on chains that he fills with steel wool. Shit flys out every where [​IMG]
  13. just because someone decides to ask a question that is possibly concerning their health does not mean that they are 15
    I am 18 for your information just turned 18 in january:D

    it was a question to further my knowledge
    Its not like that shit lit up and melted into a ball
    I could see it getting hot so I had the common sense to ask
  14. lol it looks cool tho

  15. Dude its amazing!
  16. That wasn't the point.
  17. then what was?
  18. I think the point is that most people who live past their early teens wouldn't even have to ask such a question.
  19. thank you, you clarified that very well for me

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