Steel grinder turning blue

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Is this safe to use with this blue stuff?

  1. Is it bad?

  2. Is it safe?

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  1. So i just bought this steel grinder from xhale city in Fayetteville,GA. I Walked out got in my car and was about to pull off until i had to check my product. So i checked it, it had this blue rusty at the bottom. I walked back in xhale city store and they told me i couldn't exchange or get my money back! They Xhale city company doesn't care if you even die off of their product! Never shopping their ever again and i told the employees what if this kills me! They said they don't care!

    So tell me people is this safe to use? I tried alcohol but it still didnt come out! I can't IMG_20190629_110942842.jpg believe this....
  2. I wouldn't use it, personally.
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  3. Looks like their plating job messed up and that is just "rust" with a hint of copper in the alloy..
    hit it with heavy gauge steel wool or sandpaper and then clean it real good..
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  4. I would not consider that safe, at all.

    I vote to consider it a loss and trash it.

    sucks the shop was like that, too.
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  5. Oooooo so i can just scrape it real good.....sanitize and wipe? Man i want me keef to smfh with no added chemicals!
  6. Damnnnnn trash it?! What a loss.....smfh. Cant even trust the company you spend your hard earned on.....
  7. I don't know..
    I don't imagine that it's an ebola culture growing in there, but I could be wrong..

    do you think it's a bad plating job resulting in some rust or what?

    I would sand the shit out of it until you were down to clean metal and remove anymore of the plating that might want to chip off..

    then if you want to "sanitize" it I'd just hold it over the stove until it gets really hot - kill everything possible on it but I'd only really be concerned about some contamination of iron/copper oxide and chromium from any more plating flaking off..
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    I wanted to suggest a product called DeoxIT D5.
    I always have a can on hand;
    Then, again, I don't know that I'd want to try smoking any residue.. if there is any.
    I do, however, suggest that everyone have a can of this in their kit.

    I'd get a new grinder.....
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  9. isn't that just malachite from the copper in the exposed part? That aside, I feel like everyone is overreacting, lol. Like, it's not sniffing glue, or deoxit d5 :p

    I could be quite off-base right now, but it reminds me of when I went to some fetish group meetup and half the meeting was spent talking about making sure the rope was clean - instant boner killer right there :D
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  10. So, for anyone my age, at some point the question arose; "How do I keep my Proto-Pipe from leaking at the bottom?"
    The most clever solution, that *I* saw, was "Use a gasket sealant". BRILLIANT.
    First puff was the last puff...
    I still remember that after all these years...
    There was a succession of Proto-Pipes.
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  11. Ok folks......
    1st step palm olive dry......scrub with firm brush (tooth brush or firm towel) and scrub firmly without water
    2nd step wipe with water
    3rd step finish with isopropyl alcohol for sanitize

    Thank you all for your help!!!!

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  12. Im weak hilarious!
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  13. Looks like corrosion try soaking it in vinegar or citric acid for a while, then rinse.
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