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  1. I just started growing... and my plants have just broken the soil... while i was high... my friends and i came up with an idea... when we toke up.. we always take out the stems to improve taste ... will grinding up the stems and tossing them into the soil improve my yeild at all??? or is it just a waste of time???

    Three plants have borken the soil.. they are about an inch high... one of the leaves on one of the plants is dried up at the end.. and yellowing... while the other is dark green and seemingly quite healthy ... the other two plants also look healthy.. what can this drying leaf by from???

    Is it too soon to use fertz??? and at what tempeture should my grow room be at?
  2. Hey, wus goin on.

    Your inquiry about the stems... I do not believe that this will improve yield in any way, or quality. I think it would be a waste of your time to try it, but regarding fertilizing, your plants are far to young to fertilize. wait a couple to 3 weeks, and 'till after you transplant them into thier perm. container (perferably 3-5 gallon pots) and stick them under some good lighting, (YES you can use flourescents..but more watts is better, so use a few 40's or something like that of -cool white- flouros if your gonna use em.) (see my pictures using flourescents on "picture updates" thread, main "indoor growing" section)

    regarding the browning tip, my plants all got this too, I think it has to do with the lighting, but what is your soil mix? and howmuch have you been watering it since she popped up?

    take care.
  3. yeah... i just got another CF goin... planning on buying another... lol... at home deopt when i was buying the plant fertz and light... the teller forgot to ring up the light... and i got it for free... lol... it was a 10$ light...

    i've been trying to water the plants when ever they seem to need it.. no real schedual... i been trying to keep the soil damp.. and not wet...

    so are you saying its normal for the non-jagged leave to brown??? the other two plants are still pretty green... and i have done nothing different to them...

    what i reelly need to know is... does the tempature of my grow room make a difference???

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