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  1. Well Im picking up a steamroller tomorrow, friend said it was worth it.

    about $25 dollars at the local headshop.
    Its plastic and has a metal bowl

    Anyone have any steamrollers or any crazy stories about them?
  2. No crazy stories, but I had a steamroller.

    The only thing I didn't like is how harsh it was. That thing always killed my throat after a few good hits. Mine was glass though so I always used to throw it in the freezer about 45 mins before I used it to get rid of that problem.
  3. I got that from my lhs for 35 you will
    Enjoy a glass steamroller mor than a plastic one.

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  4. $25 is too much to spend on plastic and metal imo. just get a glass one
  5. They fucking rip your throat :eek:

    But they get you baked...
  6. My buddy used to have a two foot zoom tube, I only had the balls to milk it whilst drunk, watch out, they are harsh.
  7. Oh man, I used to have a glass steamroller the length of my arm. It was amazing.
  8. its my daily driver man! love them. but i agree only get a glass one

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